C4 fracture patanjali medicine

asked by Amyjatt on 19 July 2018
My elder has a fracture in c4 due to which his wrist and fingers were not working properly as... Read More

Patanjali products for urine bladder neck problem

asked by abhijit das on 13 April 2018
i am 35 yrs old male, i am sufferring from bladder neck obstruction problem since 18 yrs, my... Read More

Neck and shoulder pain

asked by joel123 on 12 December 2017
Sir Im 32 yrs unmarried female. Im suffering with hypothyroid, diabetes and depression. Im... Read More

Ankylosing Spondilitis

asked by ankylo on 18 June 2016
Female, 37years old suffering from ankylosing spondylitis as per the rheumatologist since last... Read More
1 reply  -  Fused, Neck

Cervical neck issue

asked by Kchejerla on 22 May 2016
Hello Sir, My Name is Kranthi .I am 30 years old. I recently diagnosed with mild thecal sac... Read More

Stomach Cancer treatment possible

asked by vijaylaxmi on 18 May 2016
My Father In law- Kripa Shanker Male 64 years First CT Scan Moderately Differentiated... Read More

Bladder Neck patanjali medicine

asked by saahil.09 on 10 September 2015
hello Sir,i m 25 yrs old male.i have been suffering from severe bladder neck problem for 5... Read More

Urinary tract infection eith bladder neck infection

asked by honey99 on 9 May 2015
Salam Respected doctor. iam from pakistan 30 yrs olrd unmaried i am suffering with urinary tract... Read More

Neck swelling patanjali medicine

asked by paree on 9 March 2015
hello Dr , Doctor i have neck swelling from last year nov 1st week 2014 going on now its like... Read More

Pain in neck and left arm

asked by Srinivasa Rao on 7 January 2015
Dear Madam, Last 7 months i am getting left side neck pain , and left arm pain and left... Read More

Cervical Dystonia Head & Neck movement

asked by jadhavsunil5555 on 6 September 2014
Guruji, I am suffering from my head movement to one side that is on right side with my neck... Read More

Vertebral osteomyelitis

asked by $unny on 1 September 2013
sir i do need some ayurvedic assistance for my dad who is suffering from Vertebral... Read More

Black dot on neck

asked by bala subramaniyan on 13 May 2013
Age :24 gender :Male Hello sir my name is Balasubramaniyan.P, I have problem in neck side... Read More
1 reply  -  Neck, Skin

Severe neck pain

asked by rockyjohnson on 22 April 2013
Hi doc...I am having severe neck pain and i cannot sleep properly at night.I am 35 year old.... Read More

Chronic stiffness of neck and upper back muscles

asked by Dash on 30 March 2013
Age:60 Gender:male Diabetes : type 2 for 10 years No other disease Neck and back muscle stiff... Read More

Spinal Disc harmination of C6-C7 neck

asked by Pradip Ch Das on 1 February 2013
My MRI report revealed that Central and bilateral paracentral extruded disc at C6-C7 level... Read More

Tonsils, backside of head pain, neck pain, some times acidity

asked by rahuldhar on 14 November 2012
Hi doctor, Tonsils, backside of head pain, neck pain, some times acidity. These are the problems... Read More

Baidyanath mahavat vidhwansan ras is used for??

asked by godhelps on 1 May 2012
Dear sir, ayur doctor has prescribed mahavat vidhwansan ras for me.I am young. I get head... Read More

Is there any treatment for cancer at your ashram?

asked by akki14 on 11 February 2012
hi from uncle of age 45 is suffering with cancer..he doesn't drink n... Read More

Chronic tonsilitis and neck pain

asked by sarad p on 9 January 2012
Dear sir, I have chronic tonsilitis for years. I am now in very cold place for the study. It is... Read More
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