Osteoarthritis problem

asked by Sanjoy on 2 July 2017
My wife age 46 is suffering from knee and elbowjoint pain having 7.52 uric acid which medicine... Read More

Cartilage damage in hip joint

asked by sukh kalsi on 11 June 2017
Hello I am 22 years old male.i am suffering from bone tuberculosis due to which the cartilage of... Read More

Ayurvedic Osteoarthritis medicine

asked by Kirti Nagdeve on 13 November 2016
Age45 female h/ o chickengunea recently in September 16 now cured h/o depression taking medicine... Read More

Damaged cartilages of knee joint

asked by pk_furror on 26 August 2016
My mother is having Osteoarthritis with knee joint problem & damaged cartilages. She is... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment of osteo arithritist and gout.

asked by abha on 13 September 2015
my mother is suffering for osteoarthritis and gout.she have a lots of pain in his right knees... Read More

Please help me

asked by bitts on 19 November 2014
Am a woman aged 51 residing in Raj. I am suffering with pain in my one of the knees. Doctor took... Read More

Want to know about panchakarma treatment

asked by sids on 6 August 2014
age-59,female,osteoporosis & osteoarthritis in the knee age related wear &... Read More

Type 2 diabetes and osteoarthritis

asked by anita2612 on 26 January 2013
My husband, 54yrs of age and I ,51yrs of age ,are suffering from Type 2 diabetes for last 1... Read More

Osteoarthritis in knees and diet aspects

asked by reins on 8 August 2012
Hi, My mom is 60 years old healthy femaly. Recently she experienced pain in knees and has been... Read More

Osteoarthritis in the knees

asked by ranjanatewari52 on 23 July 2012
I am a 60 yr lady. My knees are very painful due to osteoarthritis and I have been told to get... Read More

Side effects of panchamrit loh guggul, punarnavadi guggul

asked by kavita_pabreja on 20 July 2012
I am 39years old, suffering from cervical spondylosis since last 5 years and... Read More

Osteoarthritis medicines

asked by dhanu on 22 August 2011
Dear doctor, My friend is suffering from early changes of osteoarthritis, please suggest... Read More

Baba ramdev cures for osteoarthritis

asked by Leela Jawed on 20 May 2011
I would like to have advice on baba ramdev cures for osteoarthritis ?, I would be thankful to... Read More

Osteoarthritis baba ramdev

asked by Luella on 22 April 2011
Hi, advice is required on osteoarthritis baba ramdev ?, thanks for your... Read More


asked by sohel on 9 October 2010
gathiya is to my father,he is now 68, he has been suffering gathiya from last 7-8 years. he is... Read More


asked by elisa on 3 February 2010
Hello, I am French and my sister (45 years) is now suffering from osteoarthritis. Her back is in... Read More

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