Chandraprabhavati consumption during breastfeeding

asked by Such on 16 June 2018
I am breastfeeding my 8 month old baby.I have ovarian cyst and uterine fibroid. Can I consume... Read More

Ovarian cyst treatment

asked by Maninz on 31 March 2018
Hi doctor, my age is 37. I am married and have 2 daughters. I live in New Zealand. Last year, I... Read More

Ovarian cyst

asked by Kate on 21 February 2018
I am 22yrs old.female of 54kg.Unmarried.Since the beginning I had irregular periods. Last during... Read More

Suffering from preml mature ovarian failure

asked by Aarushansh on 8 February 2018
I am 32 and suffering from premature ovarian failure,my LSH and LH level comes too high in my... Read More

My daughter has ovarian cyst sized 10.7 cms.please suggest what should I do.her age is 20 years

asked by puja11 on 14 September 2017
my doctor suggest to do surgery for cyst but I don't want surgery for my daughter.please... Read More

Pcod, pcud

asked by ABC342 on 4 September 2017
A friend of mine is suffering from PCOD and PCUD.She is 18,she is suffering for a duration of 5... Read More

4th stage ovarian cancer

asked by ssanyukta on 29 March 2017
My aunt is suffering from 4th stage ovarian cancer.she is 38yrs old.since last one yr she has... Read More

Premature ovarian failure

asked by Dhruvee on 12 March 2017
Hi my age is 27... Nd recently git to know that I have premature ovarian failure as my fsh level... Read More

About ovarian cancer

asked by anil chandani on 24 November 2016
Sir, My wife (26yrs/F)is suffering from overian cancer stage-IIIB.Post operated... Read More

Ovarian disease Age 50 Female

asked by chej on 7 October 2016
Hello, My mother is suffering form Ovarian cancer disease. it is in 3rd stage as doctor say.... Read More

Left ovarian cyst

asked by kamal1129 on 7 September 2016
Hello docter My wife is suffering from Two cyst In the left ovary With the size of 28-26mm Plz... Read More

Ovarian cysts

asked by unknown on 16 July 2016
Respected sir, I am 39 years women i have two surgeries already now i have 7.5-5.2cm cysts in... Read More

suffering ovarian tumor

asked by sondhi on 24 June 2016
My mother age 48 . she is suffering with overian tumor near uterus . the doctor say they have... Read More

Premature ovarian failure

asked by rashmi80 on 13 April 2016
Hi dr, I am a female of age 35, I have been diagonised of premature ovarian failure since age... Read More

Overian Cyst

asked by LilaDevi on 8 March 2016
Hi, I would like to know how to cure Ovarian Cysts - possible ligament/fimbrial cyst and... Read More

Premature ovarian failure and no menstrual periods

asked by chinky2 on 28 February 2016
Hi My sister age 36, has premature ovarian failure and rare menstrual periods from 2-3 years.... Read More

Ovarian Cyst & thyroid

asked by Shine on 27 October 2015
I pasted my report below for your viewing. I am 34 years old and recently diagnosed with ovarian... Read More

Bilateral ovarian cysts

asked by shalu soni on 18 October 2015
My sister got an usg 2 days back nd the result is bilateral ovarian cysts ?Functional on the... Read More

Ovarian cyst

asked by miraya on 16 September 2015
Hi doctor, I am 34 years old femaile and have a baby of 4 years.. I have problem of recurring... Read More

Poly cyst ovarian disorder

asked by vinitatoppo1989@gmail.com on 10 July 2015
I have pcod problen. My age is 26 .plz give me diet chart ,precaution,medicine In ayurveda .can... Read More
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