Polyp in uterus

asked by Jayg on 14 November 2017
I am 24 years old with a son .i have anteverted uterus with 10 mm polyp.i have a very low body... Read More

Gall Bladder Polyp

asked by Akash12 on 30 January 2017
Male (Jain), 40yrs, Unmarried, weight77, Vegetarian, in past 2009 had twin successive surgeries... Read More

Nasal Polyps

asked by arupghosh05 on 18 January 2017
Thanks for the previous reply. this is my husband speaking >>I am 35 years old, MALE,I... Read More

Nasal Polyps

asked by arupghosh05 on 14 January 2017
I am 33 yrs,Female, I have Nasal Polyps in both noses which Doctors indicate H.I.T for 2 +... Read More

Blockage of nose and throat infection

asked by deepakwoco on 2 October 2016
Dear sir, I had polyp in the nose and due to this I had been under surgery two year back. But... Read More

Recurrent endometrial polyp

asked by Jkj on 30 June 2016
Hello Sir, I am a 40 year old female diagonosed with an endometrial polyp and a few intramural... Read More

Polyp pcos

asked by sareeta on 11 June 2016
Hello vedji I am 26 .I have pcos and weight of 77 kg.I have got a polyp of 1 mm. there is no... Read More
1 reply  -  Pcos, Polyp

Vocal cord polyp

asked by ajit singh yadav on 17 June 2015
Sir I am 21 years old boy. I have vocal polyp in vocal cord after checking by ENT specialist.... Read More

Nasal polyp

asked by pammi on 16 June 2015
DEAR MADAM.i am 47 years old.iam a patient of NASAL POLYP IN 2009 DONE SURGERY SEPTURBINECTOMY... Read More

Vocal cord Polyp

asked by Maanoj on 9 May 2015
I am a male ,married ,of 68 years recently I got the problem of Hoarse voice tried gargling with... Read More

Childless couple, nasal polyp

asked by anitaasurya@gmail.com on 7 November 2014
Hi,we r trying 4 yrs for baby but we can t I have haramonal Inbalance problem and my husband... Read More

Ayurvedic Medicines and Yoga for Polyp and Cyst

asked by Prana on 31 October 2014
Hello, I am 32 years old. I have diagnosed by a polyp in endometrial cavity having size... Read More

Utrine polyp & DUB

asked by ranjana on 16 July 2014
Dear Sir, I was married in 2009, present age is 33... in 2010 i statred getting spot bleeding... Read More

Angiometus Polyp on Right Vocal Cord

asked by rav on 14 May 2014
Hi, I am 30 year old female,having a polyp in my right vocal cord. It has been detected for last... Read More


asked by RAJESHTRNG on 6 May 2014
Namaste Sir, I am a trainer for since 5 year.I felt hoarseness of voice for 1 month and after... Read More

Nakome Polyp

asked by KNP on 30 April 2013
Umra 36 , Nakome polyp bangaya hai use kaise thik kare? Dr ka kehana hais operation karke nikal... Read More
1 reply  -  Nak, Polyp

I have vocal cord polyp And pain in throat while speaking.

asked by bindu singh on 9 April 2013
I have avocal cord polyp &harshness & pain in throat while speaking. i am 40 years... Read More


asked by murari sharma on 21 November 2011
I am a 60 years old male experiencing hoarseness in my voice and sore throat for the last six... Read More

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