About gomutra during pregnancy

asked by Madhuchhanda on 25 February 2019
I m 38 yrs age lady .. I was having gomutra ark regularly n still I m hving.. but now I m... Read More

How to normalise a cryptic Pregnancy with PCOS

asked by Saheli on 8 June 2018
I am 29 years female. I'm having PCOS since I was 19. It was first detected in both the... Read More

Infertility and pregnancy loss

asked by ambi on 27 April 2018
Hello SIr/Madam, I am 33 yrs old lady and I am married for 9 years(2009) now but till now I... Read More

Pregnancy both Fallopian tubes were removed

asked by Swetha999 on 21 February 2018
Female 30 yrs, both Fallopian tubes were removed Ivf done 4 times, I don’t have any Heath... Read More

How use shivlingi sheeds to conceive pregnancy

asked by Banu Jd on 27 January 2018
My age 25 year old.We try for baby last 2 years but I'm not conceive pregnancy.u tell me... Read More

Avoid miscarriage

asked by GANESA on 20 November 2017
My wife is 28 year old. We have faced a miscarriage 6 month ago after complition of 5th week.She... Read More

Pregnancy treatment

asked by Ehsaas on 10 September 2017
Hello Sir, I am 33 years having 5 miscarriages history. This time I am pregnant through ivf for... Read More

Regarding:Divya Medha Vati

asked by deepak kashyap on 6 September 2017
Age.24 Gender.Male Hello sir my wife is pregnant right now & she is taking a Divya Medha... Read More

Is Patnjali Amala juice safe during pregnancy.

asked by Smita30 on 27 July 2017
Namaste Sir, Is Patanjali Amala juice safe during pregnancy? Kindly reply soon.... Read More

How to stop bleeding in pregnancy

asked by Malinee1985 on 31 May 2017
I am 32 years old married I had complications in my recent normal pregnancy.... in my first... Read More

Diabetes in early pregnancy

asked by Anjana sharma on 20 May 2017
My age is 33.last LMP was16 April 2017. I was in prediabetic stage which I controlled by walking... Read More

Aloe Vera and Amla juice usage

asked by Subhashree on 8 May 2017
Pranam babaji, I am 26 yrs old and currently I am trying for my pregnancy. I have been using... Read More

Planning for another child

asked by rwtushar on 12 April 2017
Namaskar, My age is 39 and my wife is 37. we are planning to have a child (2nd) since 3-4 years... Read More

Ayurvedic diet for pregnancy

asked by tanom on 6 February 2017
namaskar,i am 30 yr old wanna plan a baby and wanna know about a proper aurvedic diet and... Read More

Haridrakhand in month 4 pregnancy,

asked by tarunisha on 4 December 2016
Dear Dr I am 28 years old and 4 months pregnant. I am suffering from severe cough from last 20... Read More

To concieve

asked by D.Sharma on 2 December 2016
OM I am 35 year old and and have a 8 year old daughter.I had a miscarriage this July. So... Read More

About ashokarisht

asked by shanvi on 6 September 2016
sir cn i take ashokarisht after taking i pill. please reply soon i m tened as i strt taking it ... Read More

Fibroid during pregnancy

asked by Puj on 12 August 2016
Namasteji, My daughter is 35yrs and is pregnant with first child.She had fibroids (4.3x3.7 cms)... Read More

Post pregnancy pains in hands and feet joints and knuckles

asked by Mandira on 3 August 2016
Namasthe Babaji. I am 26 years female. I have hypothyroid.I live in USA. I gave birth to my... Read More

During pregnancy blood clot privention

asked by patil v on 2 July 2016
Age-32, gender-femail, present all things normal & helthy and marital status - married. ... Read More
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