Suffering with Sarcoidosis lung disease, ramdev medicine

asked by Nagarajume on 27 May 2020
I have been suffering with Sarcoidosis since 2018. My age is 36 yr. The CT scan shown stage2. I... Read More

Sarcoidosis patanjali medicine

asked by Sukhi7 on 16 December 2017
I have sarcoidosis on my skin. Inside nose pimples , around eyes pimples , i only have in skin .... Read More

Sarcodoises ramdev patanjali medicine

asked by Renuconsul on 10 July 2017
Hello I am 47year female suffering from sarcoidosis for last 11 years. Lung lymph nodes are... Read More

Curement of sacoridosis

asked by shubhamjain24021994 on 10 April 2017
My mother is suffering from scoridosis from last 5 yers her name is neelam jain and her age is... Read More

Macular edema / edema in both eye / sarcaidosis

asked by Amardeep on 14 May 2016
Charn sparsa guru ji, 35 yrs, male, married Taking steroid 30mg for eye edema, Dr told to go for... Read More

Sarcodosis treatment

asked by Sharada on 2 May 2016
Dear Sir, I am 42yr old women and hv been maintaining healthy life style with a regular... Read More

Ramdev Sarcoidosis medicine

asked by bengalururesident on 15 February 2016
I want to know the treatment medicine for sarcoidosis to treat the swelling in lymph nodes and... Read More

Ayurvedic Treatment of sarcoidosis

asked by Svetlana on 14 December 2015
Namaste! Tell me, please, can you take medications containing prisarkoidoze guggul and what can... Read More

I have sarcoidosis

asked by anugoel on 17 June 2015
I am 30 years old and i have sarcoidosis grom last 3 years. i take steroid 2 mg daily, if i do... Read More

Ramdev sarcoidosis medicine

asked by tiwaribhoj on 18 June 2014
Swamydev Pranam, I am suffering by sarcoidosis from 2007 so i am looking for the herbal... Read More

Sarcoidosis Treatment

asked by rasail on 22 May 2013
Dear Sir My wife diagnosed sarcoidosis in lungs in which identified swelling on lymph nodes.She... Read More

Sarcoidosis ayurvedic medicine

asked by ritumehraa on 5 August 2010
Hi, I am 34 years old female, diagnosed with sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disorder, which does... Read More

2nd opinion on continued treatment of supposedly Sarcoidosis

asked by pks on 12 July 2010
Hello, My wife 59 yrs. was having high ESR ( 100-110), inpite of taking various medicines... Read More

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