Divya medha vati post stroke

asked by Infiz831 on 6 May 2018
My dad 70 years recently had a mild stroke, post that his speech was impacted. He understands... Read More

Bleeding in the right brain. now patient is in choma stage. is any medicine for this

asked by Praveenkumar G on 1 February 2018
68years, male, there is no any complain about BP and sugar.suddenly fall in bathroom and get... Read More

CKD & Stroke related paralysis

asked by vknigam on 27 January 2018
My wife aged 70 yrs had septicemia in Oct 2016. She was in ICU & got 6 dialysis. She was OK... Read More

Need Medicine For Brain Srroke Patient

asked by raj_111080 on 3 June 2017
Sir, My father has Brain Stroke on 09.03.2017. I m giving Alopathic and Ayurvedic medicines... Read More

Pranayam for stroke

asked by Siyona on 12 December 2016
My father had a stroke and admitted hospital for one weak. Blood clotting in two veins and a... Read More

Heavy brain stroke

asked by aniket1234 on 4 December 2016
My father age is between 52 to 54 Before 8 days ago he got a brain stroke and he is now in... Read More

Brain stroke due to blood clots

asked by 14usameer on 19 July 2016
hi, My father who is 58 years old had brain stroke 27 days back (22nd june 2016) . He was on... Read More

Brain stroke

asked by Nimish4503 on 28 June 2016
My dad age is 55 years. He never had BP and sugar but last year he got affected by BRAIN STROKE... Read More

Stroke advice

asked by pinkybibi on 15 March 2015
Hi Doc, My age is 30 years . Gender- Female,I have paralyses stroke on 21st Feb 2015. All of a... Read More

Diabetes Treatment

asked by maheshpatel2005 on 19 May 2014
My Father has diabetes since last 5 years. He is 60 years old. Recently he had hemorrhagic... Read More

Stroke more details

asked by pragyk on 6 September 2013
Thankyou doctor to giving me exact advise. Right now he is not having any BP, Diabetes and... Read More

Stroke ( Paralysis )

asked by pragyk on 26 August 2013
Namskaar Guruji ! 5 months ago My Husband got major attack of stroke in left side he is 33 years... Read More

Blood Clot in Brain (Left parietal lobe)_Speaking Problems

asked by astronaut7 on 13 June 2013
Dear Sir, My father has a blood clot in left parietal lobe of the brain which hinders him to... Read More

Paralysis Recovery

asked by godwin.hpipg on 12 May 2013
age : 57 Gender : Male Complaint : Paralysis - Due to stroke in MCA. Family history : Patients... Read More

I want to know know about paralysis

asked by syed adnan on 16 March 2013
sir my mother is suffering from paralysis stroke on her left side of her body about 4 years now... Read More

Paralysis stroke at age of 70+

asked by Aman.gupta on 20 January 2013
Hi My father is 70 years old, he got paralyzed n may-2012 right side of body due to blood clot... Read More

One side paralaise

asked by hem on 27 October 2012
sir i plz, requset u. my bhother one side paralise plz give me answer ayurvdic... Read More

After Stroke recovery

asked by heet on 14 June 2012
Hi My Mother(76 years old) had stroke on Jan 6 2011, that's about 18 months back. Her left... Read More
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Major Stroke in Brain

asked by HaseebAhmed on 28 March 2012
Dear Doctor, My mother age is 49 yrs, She is suffering from Brain TB for the past 4 months... Read More


asked by onkar1946 on 6 January 2012
I am suffering from stroke ( Pyrolysis ) Left side restricted movement with burning sensation... Read More
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