Facing light pain in my both testicle Rendmly one by one

asked by Kwt697 on 9 October 2019
Hi sir, i am 23 year old Last 6 month am facing light pain in my both testicle one by one if... Read More

Testicle cord pain. Muscle pain

asked by Aaram on 31 July 2018
Hello. I'm suffering from pain. At fist right testicle was paining. After examining( self)... Read More

Testicle pain

asked by Himatlal sakaria on 27 May 2018
I am 69 yrs oldman having pain and swelling in right testicle.pl advise... Read More

Testicle problem

asked by nitish271990 on 24 January 2017
i am unmarried male of 26 yrs old age.i am suffering from right testicle pain from 7 months.By... Read More

Testicle swelling

asked by smv on 17 May 2016
Sir, i am of age 21 unmarried. My right testicle has swollen from 2 months . And left testicle... Read More

Testicle swelling

asked by smv on 26 March 2016
Sir , im of age 21. Unmarried. My right testicle has increased in its size from 20 days . It was... Read More

Enlarged left testicle

asked by karan1992prk on 4 April 2015
hello doc, my name is karan, i am 23 years old. my left testicle is enlarged in size than the... Read More

Pain in left testicle

asked by badal on 17 September 2014
Sir i have pain in my left testicles.my testicle size is normal but one is larger than the other... Read More

Left Testicle Volume Increased and Right Atrophic

asked by sunny20130 on 23 December 2013
Namaskar Doctor, I am 25 years old unmarried male. My testicles volume has changed during last ... Read More

Left testicle volume increased and little pain

asked by sunny20130 on 23 November 2013
Namaskar Doctor, I am 25 years old unmarried male. My left testicle volume has changed during... Read More

Lums on my right scrotum

asked by dreamaks26 on 14 May 2013
Dear Dr. Since last 2 year I have very small lump on my right bottom of testicles, It is not... Read More

Right testicle mild pain

asked by anmbit on 10 April 2013
Hello doctor i have very mild pain from 304 weeks it come and goes i went to docter he get me... Read More

left testicle problem

asked by ateshwar on 17 March 2013
i'm 24 yrs. Old. Unmarried. At birth time i have both left &right testicle. But nw i... Read More

Ayurvedic solution for pain in Testicle and penis

asked by sunnyarora1987 on 11 January 2013
Hello Doctor, I am 25 years old unmarried male. I am having pain in left half part of penis... Read More

Testicle pai and urethra pain burning on uranation

asked by khim on 11 February 2012
i have sauch problem testicle pain urathra pain like bee bite burning on uranation urine... Read More


asked by harsh on 18 May 2010
namaste sir, i have lost my testicle due to torsion a very small dead testies is present as... Read More


asked by harsh on 19 March 2010
namaste isr, i have got checked by a medical surgeon he found my right testies very... Read More


asked by harsh on 13 March 2010
namaste guruji, mera right testicle dead ho gya due to torsion(may be) in the age of 17 now... Read More

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