Sore throat, white tongue , temp 97 to 99 and urine light yellow

asked by Narendra Narayane on 2 June 2020
Age 54 Male Blood pressure normal Oxygen in blood is... Read More

Throat Cancer

asked by Kailash Shiva on 16 September 2018
Hello Guruji, my father is 67 years old. He was diagnosed with throat cancer two months back and... Read More

Throat problem

asked by Genetic on 29 August 2017
Age 27years male , i am suffering from mouth sore tongue sore and throat sore past 6 months.... Read More

Throat cancer

asked by Nagesh27 on 1 August 2017
babaji pranam age 45 male throat cancer stage 3 eating by nose pipe liquid please share your... Read More

Regular throat infection

asked by zoom09 on 23 July 2017
Dear Sir/Madam, My age is 30, male. in every 3 days I face throat infection. my throat hurts... Read More

Throat cancer information

asked by Deepakshre on 15 May 2017
Hi Sir I ask can you provide any information for throat cancer medicine I my father operation... Read More

Vocal cord congestion

asked by DMAJ on 12 April 2017
Aged 45 years, some pain in throat and doctor said that vocal cord has congested, hoarseness in... Read More
1 reply  -  Throat

Frequent Throat Infection

asked by Amit13 on 11 April 2017
Dear Sir, Earlier I use to get tonsil frequently which got cured by homeopathy. Now I often get... Read More

Throat heavy + vibration+ coughing+ irritation

asked by Sannu Nikki on 21 March 2017
21 year age,female, present medicine Nutrolin - B plus for 10 day,father suffering from it also... Read More
1 reply  -  Throat

Throat infection

asked by Advik on 1 March 2017
Iam suffering with throat infection from one year. I consult many doctors but no satisfied. My... Read More

Throat polyps

asked by nishi2 on 1 February 2017
Dear Swami ji Greetings, I have seen many programs on television which attract me to send you... Read More

Sinus related throat infection

asked by no nickname on 18 January 2017
I am 60 years, male, sinus problem for almost 30 years, tonsils operated. There are frequent... Read More

Ayurvedic products ear nose and throat problem

asked by budhiya on 10 June 2016
sir i am puran 19 years old.... i have such throat problem since 1 year..... starting mein kaan... Read More

Throat Cancer

asked by Anandslg2016 on 28 May 2016
Hello Babaji, My father is suffering from Throat Cancer, He has a Tumor outside in the Right... Read More

Constant throat clearing and chest pain

asked by zenevatech on 24 June 2015
Hello Doctors, i have chronic throat problem from the last 1 year. i have all the time... Read More

Throat irritation

asked by mukesh15 on 18 April 2015
My age - 57 years, I am keeping BP 140/90 while taking TELISTA-H tablet one per day. I get... Read More

Frequest Sore Throat and Nose Congestion

asked by alokM on 2 September 2014
Hi Sir, I am much alergic to cold. Even a little exposure to cold air causes sore throat and... Read More

Throat problems

asked by rakwal8 on 24 August 2014
sir im having problem in my throat from 3 months having excess phlgm in throat and painless... Read More
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