Suffering with Tinnitus Ayurvedic remedy

asked by Renu Bala on 4 June 2020
Sir, I have tinnitus from last 1yrs kindly suggest me... Read More

Righ side ear TINNITUS

asked by sribalaji on 5 May 2018
Dear Sir, past 5 months i am have continuous Tinnitus ( feel of running rotating object in the... Read More

Patanjali medicine for Tinnitus issue

asked by Luckyprmr on 18 March 2017
Dear sir, I m suffering from tinnitus from last 3 year. I have consulted to Many doctors but... Read More

Pulsatile tinnitus

asked by sapb on 26 September 2016
hi am 32 yr old female, i have pulsatile tinnitus in my right ear since 6 months its before i... Read More

Cure for tinnitus

asked by AG6 on 4 June 2016
Hello Am 36 years old. When i was 12, to clear wax in my right ear, the ENT doctor had used... Read More

Tinnitus in both ear mostly left ear

asked by deshmukh_ph on 27 April 2016
Gender: Male, Age: 53 years. I am suffering by Tinnitus (Karnanad) since 4 years. Which ear or... Read More

Ear sound and pain

asked by vaishugb on 13 April 2016
Dear Sir/Madam, I am suffering ear sound like air or some time ringing and pain in my right... Read More

Ringing sound in left ear

asked by Manager on 6 April 2016
Since from one year I am suffering from ringing sound in my left ear it started when I took HCQS... Read More

Tinnitus problem patanjali treatement

asked by Rusma09 on 28 November 2015
My age is 24 and use to hear a regular sound in my ear I have also gone through various test for... Read More

Sarivadi Vati patanjali medicine

asked by novalaise on 2 September 2015
Dear Sir, I'm only 24 and I have tinnitus due to listening to loud music for years. I... Read More

Hearing loss (nerves damage)

asked by Pankaj mehla on 1 March 2015
Hi iam 21 old boy. My question is i have a problem with hearing loss and ringing in ear . These... Read More

In the tinnitus refference

asked by jsh on 21 September 2014
gender-male age-16years i hear whistling sound in my both ears from last 8months i am not taking... Read More

Patanjali medicine for problem of tinnitus

asked by ranjana kumari on 23 June 2014
age-31 female i am suffering from tinnitus from last 6 to 7 yrs. there is any treatment or... Read More

Ringing in ear patanjali medicine

asked by laila on 31 March 2014
I am a 38 year old housewife having persistent ringing in one of my ears. Otolaryngologist say I... Read More

Ayurvedic medicine for tinnitus

asked by vats on 19 December 2013
My name is ankush..meri age 27 years h..mujhe 1 year se left ear se loudly sound sunai deti... Read More

Tinnitus in both years

asked by joshikrishna on 29 October 2013
Dear sir, I am suffering from tinnitus for past 4 years and it has made my life hell. I did... Read More

About Tinnitus patanjali medicine

asked by Princess_shanu on 12 September 2013
Hello,,My Father aged 65 is having ear ringing problem since 3 months.Allopathic Doctors said it... Read More

Tinnitus ayurveda

asked by Gtar on 7 June 2013
Hi, im 35 years old male. I have tinnitus in almost 1 year now. (Sorry for my bad english) It... Read More

Tinnitus ki dava ka naam

asked by abdulbhai on 24 December 2012
Tinnitus ki dava ka naam aur use kaise use karna hai aur kitne din tak . ye prob- last 2 year se... Read More

Sarivadi vati for tinnitus

asked by bestofboth on 21 September 2012
Dear Sir/Madam, I purchased a bottle of Sarivadi Vati from the pharmacy in order to treat my... Read More
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