Thyroid problems

asked by SHUBHADEEP on 15 February 2017
Baba ji, my wife is 37. She is suffering from TSH problem. Her TSH leave is now 11. We come to... Read More

Increased TSH level

asked by Archie Sharma on 24 June 2016
Namaste , i am 33yrs old I did my blood test recently diagnosed with Thyroid, TSH : 9.22, T3 :... Read More

Lower back pain and pranayama

asked by divya.narra03 on 19 September 2014
Pranam Babaji, I am suffering with hypothyroid, my tsh is 6.5 and I am on low medication, I... Read More

Period stopped due to tsh value 10

asked by erls1987 on 10 July 2014
I m a 30yrs old lady having 42 kg of weight. T3 & T4 values I normal but tsh value is 10.30.... Read More

Thyroid TSH level 8

asked by jilu on 7 February 2014
Age-31 gender-F Dear sir, Just 3 days before after blood test TSH report 8.0, doctor pescribed... Read More

Prolong periods with high TSH Levels

asked by Sonia99 on 20 November 2013
Sir I have been suffering from prolong periods problem since 2 years. I am 24 years old and I... Read More

Regarding high level of tsh

asked by ships on 22 September 2013
hi i am 24 years old.i have a problem of high TSH level which is (10.88). what is the medicine... Read More

Ayurvedic Treatment for lowering higher level of TSH

asked by nidhu on 18 May 2013
I am female, single, 27 years old gaining body weight. My TSH level is increased up to 45 mg/dl... Read More

High TSH Level - Normal T3 and T4

asked by doabia on 18 October 2012
I am 58 years Male (weight 78 Kgs) with High TSH level (10.23) with normal T3 & T4. I have... Read More

Hypothyroid weight gain

asked by nimmi on 13 October 2012
I was diagnosed as hypothyroid with tsh 14 but without any medication only walk for 1 hr &... Read More

To reduce hyperthyroid (T3 T4 TSH level)

asked by mancore on 16 September 2012
Hi I have hypethyroid in the month of july12 my T3 > 8.00 ng/ml T4 > 30.00 ug/dl &... Read More

Thyroid problem

asked by pandeypc on 5 January 2012
dear sir my tsh is 7.78 please tell me the ayurvediv medicine for the thyroid treatment... Read More

Ayurvedic solution to reduce tsh

asked by Jolyane on 16 July 2011
Hi Sir, I need advice on ayurvedic solution to reduce tsh ?, I would appreciate your kind reply... Read More

Ayurvedic treatment or medicine for high tsh problem

asked by Destin on 16 June 2011
I need information on ayurvedic treatment or medicine for high tsh problem ?, I would be... Read More
1 reply  -  Tsh

Ayurvedic treatment of high tsh

asked by Kimmie on 7 June 2011
Dear Sir, I need information on ayurvedic treatment of high tsh ?, I would be thankful to... Read More
1 reply  -  Tsh

Ayurvedic treatment for high tsh

asked by Nitesh sharma on 21 March 2011
Dear Sir, I need information on ayurvedic treatment for high tsh ?, thanks for your... Read More
2 replies  -  Tsh

I am 22 (f) and my TSH level is 7.34

asked by cookie on 17 November 2010
My T3 and T4 levels are normal, suffering from an impaired diastolic relaxation.LVEF-70%. I have... Read More

I am 22 and my TSH level is 7.34

asked by cookie on 14 November 2010
i suffer from an incresed heart rate my pulse reaches upto... Read More


asked by Guest on 15 July 2010
tsh leaval 10.32 is... Read More
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