Urinary tract infection

UTI / Urinary Tract Infection Ayurvedic Medicine

asked by Navin kumar on 9 May 2020
Dear Sir, Age- 38 Gender- Male I have suffering from urine burn, when i go to washroom for... Read More

UTI problem for last 8 years

asked by Raju0174 on 23 July 2015
Age-32 Gender-Male Marital satatus- married Complaint-UTI (for last 8 years)-after check up-... Read More

do I have uti

asked by puja sravanthi on 11 May 2013
Age-26 .female weight-130 I had uti in 2007 & was suggested to drink 8 litres water per day... Read More

E.coli problems

asked by dhiru kumar on 12 October 2011
dr. i have a constant ‘24 hour’ burning in penis and between testicle and anus since... Read More

Burning sensation after passing urine

asked by deep on 2 March 2011
Hello, i am 26yrs old , from 3 to 4 days i am having a burning sensation after passing urine... Read More

How to cure urinary tract infection

asked by herbalfinder on 29 May 2010
how to cure urinary tract infection and what are the natural medicines for curing it... Read More

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