Can i Use Isotine eye drop?

asked by sandip_s29 on 16 July 2018
Sir, I had dome my PRK /LASIK surgery in 2009 for removing the glasses as my left eye no. was -5... Read More
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Query regarding vision & cornea and patanjali Eye drop

asked by RY3397 on 6 June 2017
I'm 20years old, male. I have 5 number specs and thin cornea. eye specialist advised me to... Read More

Colour vision

asked by nrij on 11 April 2017
I am 20 year old . My problem is colour vision. Red--green colour is not saw different... Read More

Low vision

asked by ARYAN7867 on 30 November 2016
dear sir , I am 25 yr old, i have suffering a low vision from my childhood now my left eye... Read More
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Right eye vision

asked by Singh3 on 5 March 2016
Sir now i wear glasses inwhich right eye has no. Of 1.75 vision from right eye is blur.visited... Read More
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Eye vision

asked by Dharmesh Parmar on 29 June 2015
Dear Sir/Mem, Greeting of the day. My son is 6 years old and had vision problem from last 3... Read More

How to Improve Eyesight

asked by mandy123 on 18 June 2015
Hi, I am 27 years old. I wear -2.25 eye glasses. I want to improve my eye sight. It seems that... Read More

Eye Floatters

asked by prashant.iet06 on 16 February 2015
Dear Sir/Ma'am, I am suffering from eye floater and low vision from last 1997. Now my eye... Read More

Right eye vision problem

asked by Amitsinghk on 4 July 2014
Sir,namste. Mera naam amit hai Mai 22 saal ka hun. Meri right eye se mujhe blurred dikhta hai.... Read More
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Myopia Vision Cure?

asked by universalstar on 30 April 2014
What supplement or therapy do you recommend to repair myopia vision? I have -5 in both eyes, and... Read More

Eyes health

asked by mou on 21 January 2014
Hi, My son has a sceptical .now he is 6 year's old .He's spektical number is 2.5 ... Read More

Vision improvement

asked by Mumbaikar on 22 June 2013
Dear Doctor, Sir, I am a male aged 45yrs, suffering from diebetes, it is heridetary, undergone 2... Read More

Vision of eye

asked by geetika6808 on 2 June 2013
My son is 7 yrs old.due to high fever 2mths back he has lost vision of his left eye. Pls... Read More

About Drishti eye drops

asked by Abhilasha on 11 May 2013
I used Drishti eye drops. After some days my eyes have to bear pain but I used regularly. When... Read More

What precautions should be followed after T.I.A?

asked by Tania on 27 April 2013
Hi, My father is 74 years old and recently had an episode of blurred vision which was there for... Read More


asked by same00752 on 9 April 2013
hello Sir My age is 23 and i am facing distance vision problem since 2003.At present my specs... Read More

TRATAK KRIYA kaise kare aur eye vision kaise improve karein.

asked by dineshsharma on 6 February 2013
Namaste Mam/Sir meri age 23 hai aur mere chasme ke no -5.50 aur -4.50 hai maine suna hai ke... Read More

Improve eye vision

asked by on 7 January 2013
HI DOCTOR i want to improve my eye vision my number is -2 how can i get rid of specticales. can... Read More

Ayurvedic products vision problem eye operated

asked by angel135 on 9 November 2012
sir my age 42 yrs i am having problems since last 9 months i had accident in wchich i had got... Read More

Right eye no vision

asked by mahendrajagirdar on 21 October 2012
Dear Dr., My wife lost her right eye vision after chemo treatment. Doctors saying optic... Read More
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