asked by ksikrival on 15 November 2019
Sir I am 30 year old male . Sir I have some fatty liver problem in this period can I... Read More
Reply  -  Weakness

Patanjali ashwagandharishtha medicine

asked by Vanity on 3 November 2019
Would like to have information on... Read More

Medicine for indigestion and gastric

asked by Sudhansu on 30 April 2018
Dear Sir/madam my grandmother is 74 years old.she is suffering from indigestion and gastric and... Read More

Acute weakness

asked by TSingh on 26 April 2018
Sir , my father is 79 yrs old , gone through bypass 25 yrs back , now taking medicine for angina... Read More

Any permanent solution for Hyper IgE symptoms?

asked by PJ16 on 24 April 2018
Age - 26 Gender - Female I want to understand if there is any permanent solution for Hyper Ige... Read More

Ear nerves weakness so hearing loss

asked by tashok2203 on 7 August 2017
Sir my my hearing is loss due to ear nerves weakness so please can this possible with help of... Read More

Charak vigoroll jelly

asked by Punz on 28 July 2017
Hi Doctor, I am 28 years old male my problem is i always feel tired , having lack of... Read More

Is there any treatment for OCD in patanjali ashram

asked by Karam Sandhu on 19 July 2017
Name - Harpreet Makkar (F) Age - 34 suffering from OCD since the age of 12 when menstruation... Read More

Weakness after sex/intercourse with partner

asked by Kush58 on 1 February 2017
Greetings Guru ji, I am 34 years old and married for past 2 years. Whenever me and wife have... Read More

Body weakness

asked by nanumehra on 9 October 2016
I am 22 year old male and I'm suff alkylosing seronegative spondylitis arthritis and... Read More

Auditory nerve weakness in both of the ears since my childhood.

asked by Varinder Singh on 11 September 2016
Hello, I'm 6feet long, 26 years old healthy man suffering from auditory nerve weakness... Read More

Stomach problem

asked by shubh12310 on 15 August 2016
whenever i eat something i feel i need to go to toilet and i feel very much weakness as well as... Read More

General weakness

asked by joel on 10 August 2016
Dear Sir Im 32 yrs unmarried female. Im suffering from hypothyroid, diabetes and depression. Im... Read More

Emmunity disorder

asked by ksikrival on 3 August 2016
Which is better medicine for emmun system booster divya shilajit or divya musli churna or other... Read More

Any side effects

asked by ksikrival on 2 August 2016
Sir i am 30 years male sir i consume ashwashila cap.twice a day sir i want to know that is any... Read More

Giving panchang tulsi, giloy & Amrit Rasayan

asked by i_am_avi on 8 April 2016
My baby (Girl) is 1year & 4 month old. One month back she was diagnosed with infection and... Read More

Post Delivery

asked by chinniwgl on 21 March 2016
Respectedsir/mam, I want to know after Delivery,i have not followed proper care, now iam feeling... Read More

Sensory neural hearing loss

asked by dubaidev on 9 March 2016
dear Doctor, I am aged 45 years and have a body weight of 125 kg. plus have borderline sugar... Read More

About weakness in the body

asked by Joy pahwa on 28 July 2015
Hello sir I am 20 yrs old and from past 5 months I was in depression. Now I feel weakness in my... Read More

Body is not muscular

asked by ammy saini on 24 June 2015
Hii am 18 years old. I ate many things in a whole day. I ate 5-5 chpatis in eating time. I also... Read More
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