Endometriosis & Inferrtility

asked by shilpiss on 4 June 2018
Hi, I am a 35-year-old working woman based out of Gurgaon. I had a laparoscopy done for... Read More

Weekly pranayam and yoga

asked by krishanu on 23 August 2016
Namaskar, I am having a busy schedule. So doing pranayam and yoga on same day is not possible... Read More

Pranayam and surya namaskar

asked by Yogaforme on 19 June 2016
I have two questions 1) I have been doing surya namaskar from past 8 years there was no problem... Read More

About eating after yoga

asked by asw on 23 January 2015
Namaskarji, I am 33 years old women of height 5 feet and weight is 76. I want to lose weight... Read More

Post delivery pranayam

asked by Beronica on 7 February 2014
Sir. Actually i am new mon my post delivery duration is 2 months.My weight is same during... Read More

Yoga at night

asked by asw on 22 January 2014
Namaskarji, I am a mother of two small kids. I don't find time to do yoga at morning... Read More

Breath control yoga

asked by bana on 9 December 2013
breath ko long time tak control karne ka yoga ya exercise bataiye. jaise shankar mahadevan ne... Read More
1 reply  -  Yoga

Yoga for Low Sugar

asked by binumarar on 15 November 2013
I am 36 Yrs Old.My Blood sugar is coming on lower border after 2 hrs(Post food).I am losing... Read More

Kapalbhati yoga for kidney and liver systs

asked by djsingh on 26 October 2013
I am 38 year old man.I have kidney polysystic disease and also systs in liver.I am taking blood... Read More

Pranayam and Yoga for GERD with Hiatus hernia

asked by Deepak CT on 17 August 2013
Namashkar, I am 30 year old male,diagnose with 1)non ulcer dyspepsia with reflux and 2)GERD... Read More

Serum cholestrol is 201 which yoga can reduse it

asked by divyanagar on 11 August 2013
serum cholestrol is 201 my age is 57 year and not take any medicine doing regular kapal bhati 30... Read More

Is there any solution in Yoga or Ayurvedic medicine for infertility in men?

asked by kanchansuri on 24 July 2013
I am trying to conceive for last one year but haven't been successful. My doctor asked us... Read More

Who is my idol

asked by mammy on 27 June 2013
Dear Guruji I have been practising Yoga and Pranayam for the last two years and have benefitted... Read More
1 reply  -  Yoga, Pain, Yog

Pranayama and yoga package for Ulcerative Colitis

asked by sshanmug on 18 June 2013
Namaste Baba ji, I'm Saravanan 28years old unmarried. I'm a Ulcerative Colitis(left... Read More

Yoga centre in mumbai

asked by sneh on 16 May 2013
namaste guruji, my friend have kidney failure problem and we have total faith in ayurveda and... Read More

How much Yoga affects in weight lose program

asked by rvchahal on 8 April 2013
Hi, I am 29 Years old Male with height of 6'3". I am one year married now. I am... Read More

About meal after yoga

asked by sapna23 on 4 March 2013
Age 24 Gender Female marital status single i want to know that we have to do yoga empty stomach... Read More
1 reply  -  Diet, Yoga

Yoga for diabetes

asked by khushi1022 on 10 January 2013
Age - 30, Gender - Female Hi, I am diabetic. Currently i am doing 7 pranayam by Baba Ramdev.... Read More

Yoga when trying to conceive

asked by Ka nisha on 3 January 2013
Is it safe to do yoga after implantation dates when trying to conceive... Read More

Yoga for healthy kidney

asked by Bapi on 20 December 2012
I am suffering from stage-iv kidney failure due to polycystic kidney disease which I inheritated... Read More
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