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Tooth decay , blackening of teeth, and cavity is known as loss of teeth and the children are more prone to tooth decay than elderly. What is tooth decay, why it occurs and how it can be prevented. Children are more prone to tooth decay because like elders they neither give  proper attention to oral hygiene nor they know the method of cleaning teeth. Children love toffee. Chocolate, sweets, tamarind, ice cream, burfi, laddoo, pede, rasgulla etc. children eat these and do not even gargle which leads to decay.

Our mouth is a conducive place for breeding of germs and bacteria which lead to tooth decay because in the mouth there is both warmth and water in the form of saliva. In such situation if a food particle remains in the mouth or sweet substance remains for ten hours then it is a ideal situation for germs to breed. In the process acid develops. This acid continuously harms the upper white layer “enamel” of teeth and is destroyed. In medical terms destruction of the enamel is called cavity and that is the cause of tooth decay, it is also called affliction of germs in the teeth.

Children's milk teeth are not as hard as secondary teeth of elders and therefore imposition of cavity is easier. Eating something every time, eating ice cream, biscuit or chocolate and similar sticky stuff and not cleansing the teeth properly becomes the reason of tooth decay. Some ladies bottle feed infants to make them sleep; this situation is dangerous for their teeth because this milk keeps the mouth sweet continuously thereby increasing chances of tooth decay.

If sweet has to be eaten take it only once not repeatedly. Improvement in food habit is necessary, children taking breakfast lunch and dinner in a day are healthier than the children eating several times and the chances of cavity is less in their teeth. Sweet substances, if not sticky are good. Which means in place of burfi, kalakand, gulab jamum, rabdi, halwa etc Bengali sweets ras gulla, coconut sweet, petha etc are less harmful. Raw vegetables, salad, radish, carrot, pea, cabbage and fruits like apple, orange, mango, pear and milk, curd, cottage cheese and pulses makes the teeth stronger.

Go for oral check up twice in a year. If you want to prevent children from tooth ache etc then ask them to gargle properly after every meal. For children less than 2 years of age brush their teeth yourself and use soft brush. For children of age 5-6 years ask them to brush their teeth in your guidance. Brushing should be done from top to bottom and bottom upward so that particles clogged between teeth may come out. In case of deficiency of fluoride in water children should be given food containing fluoride. Start cleansing Regime the moment tooth emerges. As soon as first tooth of the child appears start tits cleaning because primary teeth are the foundation of secondary teeth. The primary teeth grow between 6 month to 2 years and the growing is complete by the age of 13-14 years.  Why cavity is formed. There are concrete reasons for this. After eating the food particles remain clogged between the teeth, due to digestive process acid starts forming. This acids leads too tooth decay and subsequently cavities.

Tell children to gargle after every meal. The food is not chewed properly by tooth which has cavity as result semi chewed food goes into the alimentary canal there by more stomach ailments happens. Cavity in teeth leads to enormous pain which give trouble to children. If tooth is extracted due to cavity the permanent teeth comes out irregular. Use of toothpaste and tooth brush is necessary for healthy teeth. In the morning after taking food and in the night after taking food always clean the teeth.

Ayurvedic treatment for healthy teeth

Divya Dant Kanti(Toothpaste) and Divya Danta Manjan produced by Swami Ramdev's divya pharmacy are 2 best ayurvedic products  for Strong, White, Healthy Teeth and Gums.

Diet for healthy teeth

  1. Eat light and easily digestible food.
  2. Do not eat gourd, bottle gourd, tinda, potato, rice, refined flour, gram flour etc. do not eat cold food.
  3. If there is sensation in the teeth by cold water or air drink warm water and gargle with it.
  4. Do not use pain relieving tablet for tooth ache.
  5. Do not allow constipation to occur in the stomach.

Medicinal Treatment for Cavities in teeth

  1. Boil 50 gm Gourd and 10 gm garlic in 10 liter water after grinding.  Make it half and do gargle three or four times daily. The bacteria in the teeth will die and come out.
  2. Boil tender leaves of Jamun in water. Gargle with this water.
  3. Grind four or five clove mix lemon juice rub on the teeth. The germs in the teeth are destroyed·
  4. Boil five leaves of guava, two cloves and 5 gm caraway seeds in one gm water. Gargle repeatedly with this water.

Relieve from Tooth ache

  1. Apply asofoedita on teeth and gums.
  2. Apply clove oil on aching tooth.
  3. Rub Turmeric powder gently tooth ache will vanish.
  4. Warm concoction of jaggery and water can be used for gargle. The tooth ache vanishes.
  5. Grind roasted cumin with half spoon black salt rub on tooth and gums.
  6. Put banyan milk in cotton wool and press between the teeth or gums.
  7. Apply ripe pineapple juice in the teeth or gums.
  8. Take a pinch of salt. Mix with mustard oil. Keep it between teeth. Gargle after 10 minutes.
  9. Take nutmeg oil in cotton wool and keep between teeth. Bacteria will also die.

Gums Bleeding

  1. Do not allow constipation to occur.
  2. Take 1 tea spoonful of castor oil with milk at bed time.
  3. Gargling with decoction of henna leaves stops bleeding from the gums.
  4. 250 gm bark of maulshree tree should be dried and powdered. Rub on teeth morning and evening this is best for tooth disease.
  5. Rock salt mixed with mustard oil rubbed on gums stops bleeding.
  6. Powdered alum 250 gm and golden geru 30 gm should be mixed and rubbed on molars this eliminates tooth problems.
  7. Burn soap nut and powder. Use it as a tooth powder.
  8. Grind lemon peel and use it as tooth paste. This stops bleeding gums.
  9. Take Radish seeds, aconite, akarkara, alum and salt 5 gm each. After grinding make a paste. Apply the paste on gums as well as teeth to stop bleeding immediately.
  10. Take Rose petals add salt apply to teeth. Immediate relief is obtained from tooth ache.
  11. Saffron, iron, red sandalwood and liquorice. Take all of these in equal quantities and grind them. Sieve through a cloth. Add honey to the powder to create a paste and use it as tooth paste. By doing so bleeding would stop.

Yogic Treatment

Kunjal Kriya (a shatkarma (cleansing) technique that involves the cleansing of the stomach by drinking in water and then expelling it by inducing vomiting.) should be done twice in a week. Practice Neti and Yogasan daily. It strengthens your inner organs like heart, lungs, digestive and nervous system, blood purification will be done which affects your teeth also. As a result teeth will become healthy and strong.

Natural Treatment for teeth problems

  1. Sweet is the enemy of teeth, which is why it is recommended to take sweet in minimal quantity.
  2. Whenever you eat sweets it is recommended you gargle properly after that. Eating sweet spoils your gum and teeth as well.
  3. If your teeth are already spoilt, there is persistent pain, and there is bad odour coming from your mouth, it is recommended that you use neem as a paste. Neem mixed with water or lukewarm water to which salt has been added should be used every day and evening as a mouth rinse after every brushing.
  4. Gently massage gums with salt and oil.
  5. Change your meal patterns control on your intake of roti, rice, pulses, and items made of refined flour , meat, fried items, sweets, alcohol, cigarettes, tea, coffee should be replaced by vegetable, salad, vegetable and fruit juice. Moong sprout and gram sprout, Amla, lemons should be consumed as much as possible.

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Sonia  - I m suffering from toothache plz tel me |2018-06-22
Plz reply fast
No Name  - Pain in Akal Daad |2016-03-14
My Akal daad has not grown in a proper dirction i.e. tirchi hai jisse aage ke tooth pe pain ho raha hain, Dr.
are called akaal daad ki surgery hogi, pls suggest me. Some times I have paint in my teeth.
Ashu  - How to recover cavity and tooth |2015-04-22
I have a cavity in between teeth which is in initial condition now. Is there any way to to stop cavity increasing in
Ayurveda. Also is it possible that the tooth can be recovered to its original condition in Ayurveda.

Also tell me that
I have a disorder in Jaw Bone which makes click sound sometimes after cavity filled. Is there any way to cure it
Ridhi  - Dental problem |2014-10-08
Sir, my one tooth has get root canal. Nw my Last tooth tht is known as akal daad has not grown in a proper direction. wo
tirchi hai jisse aage ke tooth pe rct hua hai bt abhi bhi pain hai. Drs. are saying ki akal daad ki surgery hogi.
suggest me. i shall be highly grateful to you
rahul  - pierced teeth |2014-06-28
plz sir tell me how to improve my pierced teeth by a aaurvedic solution ..plllzz
renu yadav  - tooth cavity |2014-06-24
sir,i m 19 years old girl.i have 8 cavity in my teeth.i m very upset for my future due to cavity.plz help me
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I am suffering the one teeth lower side the pain very hard and some teeth not opened in full way some one are have
coverd with skin thats away the problem was very high.
pleasas sloved the problem sir
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i suffering teeth pain also my all teeth are black on the center and broken some teeth so what medicine for my desist
kindly send medicine name please

thank you
Arvind Sinha  - Sinha |2011-11-11
I have tooth decay in upper position
Rajesh  - Thanks |2011-01-19
Thanks for this valuable information on teeth.
k.durairaj  - teeth care |2009-05-11
i am verymuch thanks guruji for this valuable comments.
ketan |2009-05-05
i like very much .,
pl.send how to improve eye sight.
pl. advice home made tips for improve,
eye sight.
YogaGuru  - PROMOTION OF EYE-SIGHT |2009-05-05
To improve your eye-sight you can use Divya Netra Jyoti/Drishti eye drops produced by Baba Ramdev's Patanjali
Ayurveda for further details of this product refer to the link below:-

link: r-medicines/Di

Also there are home remedies mentioned at below URL:

link: html
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