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Ayurvedic Medicines - Thyroid

Divya Medohar vati
Best Useful in Weight Loss. Useful in obesity & also in Hyperlipidemia. It first removes disorders of the digestive system & then reduces the extra..

Divya Kanchanar Guggulu
Best useful in Tumors & Goiter. Traditionally used in Ayurveda for thyroid problems & glandular..

Natural and Ayurvedic treatment for Thyroid disorder  E-mail
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Thyroid is a gland located in human throat in the form of butterfly. This is very important gland weighing around one ounce. When less active this gland produces less hormones and slow down the metabolism but if it is too much active then it could also be dangerous. If thyroid decreases then energy level also decreases in human body . Resistance for cold also decreases and body weight increases. Body temperature helps in burning calories and controls the movement of muscles. Thyroid also controls heart beats but if hormonal imbalance then it can cause lot of problems. These problems could be due to less production of hormones as well as excessive production.



The symptoms related to thyroid problem are very common and mostly related to the old age. It is difficult to detect thyroid in early stage. Person feels lazy and tired. Heart beat slows down . One can feel muscles pain. Skin becomes rough and one can observe hair fall. It can cause constipation, swelling of feet and mouth.

  • In women thyroid problem can result in abnormal menstruation.

  • Unborn child development may be effected resulting in child born with abnormal mind and body.

  • Old age people can suffer through depression.

  • It can weaken the sexual desire.

  • Water starts accumulating around heart in case of chronic thyroid disorder.

What causes thyroid disorder?

This disease can be the result of Iodine deficiency and also due to problem of immune system.

Sources of Iodine

Iodized salt, sea products, vegetables grown in iodized water and soil are rich source of Iodine. Use Iodized salt in food.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism means how you use calories obtained from the food consumption and thyroid helps in this process. Metabolism is a process which takes care of all the chemical reactions in the body and also helps in normal working of all the organs which are required to live a healthy life.

  • Age, height, sex, genetic structure, lifestyle and structure of body effects our metabolism.

  • Metabolism is very much responsible for our body weight. If metabolism is faster then body will be able to burn calories faster and less chances of over weight and obesity.

  • With increasing age metabolism becomes very slow but there are lot of things which can control your metabolism.

How to increase metabolism

How you use the calories obtained from the food for breathing and food digestion is called basic metabolism rate. Faster rate means your metabolism would be much better.

  • Take healthy and controlled diet. This will make your immune system stronger. Walnut oil increases the metabolism rate.

  • Carbohydrates give instant energy to body, complex carbohydrate and fiber pumps up metabolism rate and reduce the insulin level. Mix cereals and wheat flour before consumption.

  • Take small portions of food many times in a day. If you stop eating food to reduce weight then it can increase your weight because when you stop eating food you will consume more energy and body will start storing food in larger quantity later.

Yoga Practices

  • Do Ujjayi pranayama and other yogas which helps in throat problems. This can cure thyroid disorder from root if yoga and pranayama is practiced regularly.

  • Sarwangasana, Halasana, Matsyasana, ushtrasana, ardhchandrasana, sinhasana are very important asana for thyroid problem.

  • Practice bhastrika, anuloma viloma and kapalbhati pranayama daily. Also practice Nadi shodhan.

  • Use food which helps curing constipation with rich in fiber, like salads, green vegetables and drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. Also practice Vajrasana after lunch and dinner.

  • Practicing goumukhasana, makrasana, bhuganasana, dhanurasana, shalbhasana can also produce good results in curing thyroid.

Ayurvedic treatment

Divya Medohar Vati produced by Divya Pharmacy of Baba Ramdev is especially useful in thyroid disorders (hypo & hyper thyroid). Please refer to the link below for details:

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Ravikant sharma  - Thyroid |2018-09-23
Dear sir,

My daughter's age is 9byrs.her tah is 150.she has hypothyoidism.i want treat her ayurveda.plz

Ravikant sharma
PRADEEP SHARMA  - My wife is suffering thyroid. |2018-09-06
प्रिय बाबा जी मेरी धर्मपत्नी को थायराइड की
समस्या है कृपया मुझे आयुर्वेदिक दवा बताए तथा
योगा भी बताए. आयु २९ वर्ष है

T3 ---106
Seema  - Thyroid |2018-07-30
I am taking medoharvati and it write for me.
Kailash  - Hyperthyroid tsh 10.72 diagnosed in blood test |2018-07-15
I male 67, diagnosed hyperthyroid tsh 10.72 in blood test recently last week. I was recommended thyroxine 100
microgm daily at morning for 6 weeks and blood test for tsh. Should I start this medication or I can look for
alternative medication like you, ayurvedic and diet to over come hyperthyroid
Mamta bhardwaj  - Highper thyroid |2018-04-01
Meri age 34 hai mera weight 40 hai mai thyroxine elextroxin medicine 50 mg lati hu .sir mujhe apna weight badhana hai
.sir mujhe suggest kare treatment. kindly grant me suggest treatment thinking your.
Your faith fully mamta
ashok  - Thyroid Questions |2018-03-20
So many people have written questions but where are the replies to their questions.

What is the use of posting
questions when no replies are answered by you
SARITA kumari  - For helping hypothoridium deases |2018-01-10
Baba Ji main SARITA kumari age-35 weight-54kg from bihar mujhe thiorid problem September 2017 se ho gaya hai mera
tsh-19.52 Euthyoodism:0.25-5uIU/ml aur ft3-3.84:4-8.3pmol/I aur ft4-10.36-9-23.0opmol/I main abhi English medicine
thyrox50mcg le rahi hun par mujhe English medicine pasand nahi hai main aapka youtube video dekha hai jisme bataye ja
rahe the ki bharangi ka jad se 100 percent jad se ye bimari thik ho jayegi.kya bharangi ka jad aapke store me mil sakta
hai to ye mujhe lena hai mujhe kripya bataye is ke alawa ayurvedic medicine diet chart aur parhej bhi bataye. main apka
yoga daily kar rahi hun.
Baba Ji please .......Please baba help me .
sunny  - hypothyroidism |2018-01-04
Sir, I am suffering from hypothyroidism for the past 3 years. my t3 and t4 were normal but tsh was 64 when detected 3
years back. now i am taking 100 mg eltroxin daily. i am also having thin hair and hairfall problem. kindly suggest how
to treat hypothroid permanently .
Brahma  - Hyperthyroid |2017-12-29
Sir, My mom has been suffering from Hyperthyroid since 5 years. Sir, she took course of english medicines but its life
long consuming medicines. So, she stopped and started doing yoga(few specific for thyroid).
She goes for walk 4.30
morning and does Yoga. But the Symptoms of thyroid has increased - bulging out of eyeball, and hairfall.
Yoga removed
weakness,that was also part of it.
Please Sir, kindly suggest your ways. I have no such Senior guardian to guide through
this.Please help out
Pk  - Thyroid ka 99#% treatment hai.Double stem cell |2017-12-11
My dear friends double stem cell app sabhi ke liye vardan hai.
Internet par bahut sari information hai.
YouTube par
bahut sari information hai.
For more information call me.
Note.: plz wahi log call kare jo net se information le liye
Aur jinko double stem chaiye.
Double stem cell testimonials..Likh kar you tube par Search kare.
lakshmi  - Hypothryoid |2016-04-29
Dear Sir,

During 1995, i was suffering with hyper thryroid problem. The t3, t4 and tsh levels were frequently
fluctuating. after 1 1/2 years of using english medicine, i used ayurvedic medicine for 6 months and was free from
thyroid problem since then. Recently in Jan 2016, when i happened to get the thyroid test, the while t3 and t4 were
normal, the tsh level was 10.3. English doctor told that there are no symptoms of hypothyroid reported by me hence no
medication required. However, also i am suffering with anemia as per the blood tests done.

I am suffering with severe
joint and neck pains and am taking ayurvedic treatment for the same and recently started taking tirocare tablet twice a

Can the hypothryoid problem be cured permanently with ayurvedic medicine if taken for few months.

Kindly suggest.
शुभम |2016-04-19
सर मेरा उम्र 21हैं।मुझे हाइपो थायराइड है। मैं
रामढेव जी के बाताये सारे योग करता हुँ। जैसे
सरवागसन उसटरासन हलासन सुपतासन सिंहासन
कपालभाति उजजई आदि ।परंतु साथ डॉक्टर के दीये
eltroxin100mcg का प्रयोग प्रतिदिन करता हूँ। मैं ये दवा
का प्रयोग 5/3/2016 से कर रहा हूँ।
मेरा प्रश्न यह है
कि मैं कब तक ठीक हो जाउँगा और मुझे दवा कब छोड़ना
चाहिए। मुझे आपके उत्तर का इंतजार हैं।
शुभम |2016-04-19
सर मेरा उम्र 21हैं।मुझे हाइपो थायराइड है। मैं
रामढेव जी के बाताये सारे योग करता हुँ। जैसे
सरवागसन उसटरासन हलासन सुपतासन सिंहासन
कपालभाति उजजई आदि ।परंतु साथ डॉक्टर के दीये
eltroxin100mcg का प्रयोग प्रतिदिन करता हूँ। मैं ये दवा
का प्रयोग 5/3/2016 से कर रहा हूँ।
मेरा प्रश्न यह है
कि मैं कब तक ठीक हो जाउँगा और मुझे दवा कब छोड़ना
चाहिए। मुझे आपके उत्तर का इंतजार हैं।
Wilson  - Thyroid problem remedy |2016-03-31
Probably there are more possibilities like u said to overcome hypothyroid naturally. The main thing i suggest is doing
Yogasana (SARVAANGAASANAM) which mainly makes difference in neck thyroid part, and you should follow Indian traditional
method to come out hypothyroid completely by following techniques below.

Take some amount of mango leaves and grind it
to take it's raw juice. Once you get the Raw mango leaf juice, you should also take the same quantity of PURE HONEY,
FRESH COW MILK & PURE COW GHEE. After that mix all those in one glass with a spoon. Before go to bed, drink it after
your dinner and sleep. When you continue this for 3 months. You will get you voice tonality back as it is ! This is one
of major goiter treatment in Indian natural home remedies.

Hope this helps, for more details about thyroid problem,
you can visit my PLANBEFOREDO blog.
Aswathy  - Thyroid nodule |2016-02-19
I am a 34 year old female with a nodule in the rt thyroid,doctor suggested for surgery,I am not interested for surgery.I
would like to know ayurvedic and yogic treatment .My TSH is down to 0.01.Anti TPO is negative.Please advice.
Vaishali  - Santosh |2016-02-05
Sir ji,
My wife T3- 0.710 nmol/L
T4 - 23.16 nmol/L
TSH is 100.0 micIU/ml

She is having hyper acidity
problem, and irregular dates.
Kindly help me which medicine she has to take.

Santosh Kulkarni.
jitendra singh  - thyroid |2016-01-23
सर मेरी वाइफ को थाइरोइड की प्रॉब्लम 7 साल से
इसकी TSH 100.03 है और वजन 35kg है
उष्की उम्र 25 शाल है
लंबाई 5.2 फुट है
प्लीज़ सर कोई दवाई बता देना
kutty  - thyroid |2015-12-13
my wife is facing problem with thyroid.neck size is growing larger but after conducting test its being noted
normal.if the size grows larger it may convert to cancer doctors said.
help it sir.
warm regards
Ashok  - High TSH (10.6), Normal T3 n T4; High Tryglyseride |2015-11-04
Dear Sir,
Recently I got my body check up done and TSH was found to be high, besides tri glyserides. I want to try
ayurvedic treatment first Can you please help me how to go about? Also suggest me appropriate food habits n yogic
exercises besides medicines, dosages etc..
sana |2015-08-24
Dear sir...I am 24 years old married woman ...4 months ago I knew that I m suffering from tsh that time my level was..
8.5 ..than doctor prescribed me thyroxine 50 mg than now 2weeks before I did my thyroid test and now my thyroid tsh is
6.6....and doctor suggest me again same tablets....BT I need the permanent solution for this anything like...ayurvedic
...homeopathic ....anything I m ready to do.just suggest me the proper and permanent way to finish this
sandy  - thyroid ptoblem |2015-08-22
Respected sir
I am facing thyroid problem since 3 years a im doing pranayama regularly but still please
help me hoe to cure that problem permanently and regular menstruation.

saloni patel  - hairfall due to thyroid |2015-07-28
Sir .. Please give me solution for ma hairfall ... i am having thyroid ma TSH is always increasing or decreasing ...n
due to which my hairfall is increased ... M taking medicines for thyroid ...but still my hairfall is not in control...
Plz suggest me any medicine or yoga for hairfall which effct me as early as possible.. .....Plz help me out
micky  - Reg : Thyroid |2015-07-24
i m suffering from hypothyroidism since 8 months back...i 'd gone for laboratory shows TSH is 8.18..but before
3 months it was is increased comparing to previous even-though i was maintaining myself by avoiding foods
restricted by i am planning for a baby...will it be problem if i get pregnant....what should be the value
of TSH at the time of pregnancy...can you please help me..eagerly waiting for your response...
neetu  - hypothyroid |2015-07-12
Dear sir
I m 28 year old..and i am suffering from hypothyroid for last one year.. during pregnancy TSH
was just after 6 months of delivery....when i was in great neck pain...i got tested my TSH...I was shocked and
upset to see the report....TSH was 105...i cross checked it from other lab...result was the same....and free T4 was not
in reference was lower than the required range..So plz suggest me anything valuable......
bindu parikh  - thyroid problem |2015-07-07
Hallo sir ; im 42year taking thyroid medicinefrom 18 months still my tsh is 11.78 latest report my hb is
also 8. It never increases l have period cycle problem also pl guide me thank u pl reply
Preets  - My thyroid level has increased and I am pregnant |2015-04-27
I have been detected by hypothyroidism five yrs back.i had a miscarriage once because of this problem.i started
having eltroxin 50 mg and now I have a son.i thought of switching to Ayurveda and for past one year I am on Ayurvedic has been just three months that I stopped gods grace I am conceived again.but my thyroid
level is 4.9 it has never been such increase in my level.i am totally worried that will it affect the child .i am 7
weeks pregnant .i am so much worried please I need ur suggestion.
goldi  - high TSH Value |2015-04-26
Respected sr,
My tsh value is very high it is 200 due to this growth is very abnormal .my age is 12 yr but my body
growth is very low my height is 3.5 feet mind growth is also abnormal.pls suggest any good ayurvedic medicine
and excercise for this problem
Shilpa  - Thyorid noudles |2015-03-11
I have hypothyroid from last 12 years ..i am taking thyroid medicines 50 mcg .. And most problem is docoter told me
I have thyroid nodules also 2 nodules
plz suggest me any good discussion because i am so worried about this problem.

currently i am in u.s .i don't want any surgical treatment ..give good ad voices..
geeta |2015-02-28
I have just delivered a baby in Dec 2014, my baby is not getting sufficient breast milk, I m having hypo thyroid and I
ve this before I conceived.. My tsh is low. 0.03, t3 t4 is normal. Pls help as I m worried bout my baby.
mahi  - problem of thyroid |2015-02-21
Hello sir
I m 28 year old rwcentaly i did thyroud test ic which my t3 & t4 test are normal but i have very
higu tsh nearly 58 i have irregular period problem from starting . I have completed 10 month for marraige mt mother in
law forces me for baby .please help me how to conceive baby.tell me easy n convinience way for it
for ur response.
Thaning you
jessi  - another thyroid patient :-) |2015-02-04
Hello Sir,

I have been living in France from last 4 years. I delivered a child in Nov 2013 and in my post delivery
check up((which was done after 2months) my TSH level and both my blood pressure came high....I have been taking bp med
and now has been recommended with levothyroxine 100ug for thyroid ((my tsh level came around 11) I am really worried
and want to get rid of these two problems... please guide me and also let me know, if Levothyroxine is a good option or

thanks in advance
preeti  - TSH is High |2015-02-02
Resprcted sir,
I am suffering from Thyroid problem my TSH is 16.3.plssss suggest me ayuvedic upchar and yoga and my
age is 23 yr old.i am married from last 1 yr and doctor tell me pls control as soon as possible wana its effect baby
when u need.
annu  - thyroid problem |2015-01-26
Dear sir,

Mere wife ki age 23yrs h or uska wait 42kg h use thyroid ki problem last 1yrs se h alopathic treatment se
aram mila lekin jab tak treatment liya tab tak aram mila or abhi last 2more month se problem ho rahi h.. Plz help us..
रमण  - ra*** |2015-01-24
आदरनीय स्वामीजी
मै ५ सालो से इस बिमारी से
पिडीत हू लेकीन अब तक इसका मुझे पता नही था तीन
दिनों पहले डाँक्टर के पास जाकर मेरे problems बताये
तो उन्होंने thyroid test करने को कहा और TSH 760 आया मेरी
आयु 26 है मै बहुत परेशान हु किसी भी काम मे पढ़ाई
मे मन नही लगता मुझे ऐसा लगता है मै जीवन मे कुछ
कर ही नही पाऊँगा कृपया इसपर मुझे उपाय बताईये....
Asha Choudhary  - thyroid problem |2015-01-22
Baba Ji, muje Tsh ki problem Hai, Mera tsh 9.45& t3 133& t4 9.5 Hai, abhi mein thyrox 75 ki medicine le rahi Hu, muje
body pain bhi hota Hai, aur mera period bhi time par nahi aata Hai, meri shaadi ko 3saal ho gaye Hai ab app hi kush
tareka batao ki mein Kaya Karo, abhi tak Hume koi santaan bhi nahi Hai. Hum bahut dukhi rehte Hai, meri Umar 31 saal
Hai. Om Sai ram Ji.
ankitha  - thyroid |2015-01-21
Iam in madaction since 3yrs iam taking 50mgs of thyronorm for 2yrs now iam taking 25mgs . Ihave lot of pbls . My weight
is 70kgs. How to loose my weight. Iam doing yoga & pranamaya but no changes in my weight . Pls help me & guide how to
take medicen .& were we medicen in banglore
पूनम  - प्रणाम स्वामी ji |2015-01-07
I am having thyriod from last five years . My - TSH - 13.11 , FT3 - 2.40 & FT 4 - 0.78 . Now we are planning ffor our
second baby but facing trouble in Dec-14. Had a spontaneous abortion in 8th week. Please suggest us. We are very

thanking you ..
sunil kumar pal  - weight loss |2014-12-26
my name is sunil kumar pal. i am 26 years old man, i am sugar pasient but my sugar is cantrol 110 to 130.

i have
thairaied blood test for last two months. it is normal
but my weight is continue loss for 62 kg to 46 for today.

please give me a advice
my mob no. is 88###99253
Riya  - Throid |2014-12-23
I am suffering from thyroid from last year. It was getting normal by medicine. but for permanent solution i tried
Ayurvedic Medi.. Medohar vadi & Kanchanar Guggulu. before started this medicine my weight was 62 & after started this my
weight is 68. its been one month i am taking these medicine. And all symptoms am getting back. what should i do. should
i stop taking these medicine or should i continue.
rai  - increased tsh |2014-11-27
about 10 month back i under went bye pass heart surgery.i am taking medicine for blood thinner and cholostrol
control. this months on 24/11/14 blood test for thyroid done . report reflects that t4 and t3 is with in range but tsh
is 52.5 which is very high than its normal suggest me the exersise for same and ayurvedic medicine.

priya  - hello sir |2014-11-23
Sir...i am facing hypothyroid problem since 2yrs.
Asthematic problem and
Back pain.
U have put on extra 18 kg in last 2
I came to know,that Asthematic and back pain may be due to Hypo thioroid.if it is due to Hypo thyroid, kindly
suggest how to overcome these problems.

Seeking for suggetion from other visitors from this page too.

pavan  - for curing thyroid |2014-11-20
dear sir,my wife and daughter suffering from thyroid since last 5yrs
she is 40yrs and daughter 10yrs old.she take 100mg
throx med.and daughter takes 50mg plz suggest in ayurvedic med for curing thyroid prob.

Divya Bhasin  - Hypo thyriod |2014-11-08
Hello Sir/Madam

I have a thyriod issue and I m taking 50mg tablet daily.
I don't want to take any of these medicines
I want to know if I can stop taking these medicines and can take only Baba Ramdev products for thyriod treatment .

Please advise if it is possible
Arjun  - paul |2014-10-23
Dear sir.......I have no any problems but i am very happy to know that soo many peoples are cured from your ayorvedic
treatment .....there are many peoples in our india who haven't supicent money and not to do better treatment they will
be very happy to do this treatment i pray to god that in future you will do more and more success and blessing
our india ......thanks and joy bharat mata .......
pallab das  - thyroid |2014-10-14
muje thyroid ka problem he . mera heart ka bit controle may nahi rehete . may kun sa pranayam koru
adesh gupta |2014-09-06
Sir pl help me me kya karu. Mera tsh 7.6 he or t3 or t4 normal he mujhe kya karna chaheye jisse ye pr khatam ho jai
Lakshmi  - Thyroid nodule(tumor in thyroid) |2014-07-19
Sir,I'm 30yrs old I have a nodules those are 2cm. I m so worrying about this. I'm planning for kids.
aki  - High TSH |2014-06-23
Dear Sir,

I am 41 year old male. I found my TSH 230 few yers back. Since then I am having 100 cmg. It is under
control now.

Please advice if I can have a permanent cure.

Thank you
Pankaj  - Thyroid |2014-05-27
Swami Ji My TSH is 7.8, and i am suffring from mucels pain from last 2-3 year. i get to know my thyroid problem last 3
days back... and from last 3 days i am using Thyrox-25. I want permanent cure from this, Please suggest me the wright

Pankaj Parihar
padmavathi  - dear sir |2014-02-01
sir,i am 51 my TSH level is 43 its very high.Its causes memory loss,bone pains,vines are pain and dont be seated too
much time.plz give suggestions to over come these problems
neha gupta  - thyroid problem |2013-12-14
In thyroid test ,my reports
I have problem of mensuration
please suggest any Ayurveda medicine
&yoga & other home remedy.
preksha  - throid problem |2013-12-05
i have hypotyroid .. I am 22 years old.I want to get rid of thos problem permanently.And please send me what should i
do.Before one month in my report tsh came 8.17 and i took 100 mg medicine daily for one month.Now my report is tsh is
0.07 below to range(0.25-5.00) and t4 is 1.86 higher than range(0.7-1.7).so plz help me to overcome of this probblem
sameer  - thyroid |2013-11-18
Dear Sir,
my wife is 30 yrs. old & she is pregnant since 5 months. in the thyroid test it was concluded that she is
suffering with hyper thyroid. please guide me whether will it affect on health of her & baby to be born. what is
treatment to avoid this. please guide. what precaution & diet she have to apply.
mansivenugopal  - thyroid |2013-10-08
Dear sir mujhe 5 saal se thyroid h abhi 1 saal pehele meri delivery hui h c-section fat b bahut hogya h throat
infection b hota rehta h menestral tim bahut bleeding aur loeer abdomen pain hota h plz kuch btaiye m thyonorm 50 mg
Rajeev Kumar Patel  - Thyroid And Vitamin D deases |2013-10-02
sir, i got ths ul 8.5 and vitamin d 22.16 on 27 aug. after one month tsh ul 4.2 and vitamin d 16.11 .i do all work but i
feel every time Lahar in kamar and peeth.and chubhan in abdomen always.interval of 10-15 days i found sleeping
difficulty (tolilet ,Lahar and jhanjhanat in body )after going toilet i feel relax but pyas mahsooh hota hai pani pine
ke baad heart ke pas thandak lagta hai aur lagta hai hath pair thande ho rahe hai aur sline ki jaroorat hai. neend puri
raat nahi aati but neend mahsoos hoti hai.hamesha peeth and kamar ke paas lahar aur jhanjhanaht rahti hai.
bataiye kuch aur test ki jaroorat to nahi aur kya ayurved se mai cure ho sakoonga,thyrop 50 and ential 10 is my running
sandeep  - problem related to hyperthyroid |2013-09-07
sir i am suffering from hyperthyroidism last 2 years. now my throat is also sweelling. plz. suggest me the ayurvedic
medicine to come out this disease.

with regards!
shalu  - thyroidw |2013-09-03
Sir.. when i knw about my thyroid disease. Before 3 months ago.. that time my tsh is 5.91.. i used athyroxin 25 mg..
and now after 3 mnths my tsh is 4.981.. plz suggest me about ayurvedic medicine
Someone told me ki agar sabut sukha
dhaniya raat me pani me bhigo diya jaye.. or subh khali pet wo pani chaan kr pi liya jaye. To obesity km krne me
Pful hota he ... plz tell me.
anu  - Hypo thyroid |2013-09-02
Hello sir,

I'm 22 years lady. I'm suffering from thyroid since 10 years. First i have heper thyroid, in that time i was
used Neomercazole for 6 years. Then our doctor told me that my thyroid levels are under control so stop the madicine.
For 2 years i dont taken any medicine. But recently from 8 months back my weight is started incresing. So i was taken
thyroid tests, in that result it shows as now im having hypo thyroid. So, now im using thyronorm 50 mg, from six months.
But my weight is not reduced, now iam 59 kgs and height 5 feet. Can i use any ayurvedik medicine for weight loss along
with this thyronorm? please suggest me sir.

Kind regards,

alka  - irregular period |2013-08-26
my daughter is sixteen years of age. she has irregular periods from starting. her height is 4 feet 11 inches. her weight
is 35 kg. is it curable by ayurvedic medicine?
chishil  - hyper thyroid |2013-08-10
dear sir,i have hyper thyroid since one year. i lost my 8kg of weight.doctores gave me two types of tablets.coude u pls
tell me to wt kind of treatment.i m 27 yr old.
thangam  - thyroid problem |2013-08-06
i am facing thyroid problem since 6 years, i am taking thyroidinum 3x (homoeopathic medicine) regularly in since 2
months. till time problem reduce and good healthy also. i am also sexualy weak past 5 years. please kindly advice
sexual increase.
nithy  - thyroid problem |2013-07-25
respected sir,my daughter-in-law age 16 is facing thyroid. we got reports 2 days back. her periods r irregular.t3
is126.39,t4-7,tsh-7.11 and weight is 77. sir please tell remedies that she control thyroid. in future will there be any
problem in her married life.
payal  - Thyroi |2013-07-03
Respected Sir,

i m suffering from thyriod. i m 25yers old my height is 5.2 and my weight is 69. and i m not takeing
any type of medicine of thyroid.
So can u tell me plz sir how can i remove my thyroid homw base medicine ya

plz sir relpy me soon
veena gawde |2013-06-30
my mother is 48 years old. she is having thyroid from last two months.she doesnt good sleep , is it due to
after treatment T3 & T4 are 92.56ng/dl & 5.09mcg/dl respectively. which are in normal range.butTSH is almost
dobled &found 10.770 microlU/ml
Ritu Babbar  - Thyorid, Obsesity, High B.P and Sugar |2013-06-27
Dear Sir,I m married (43) female,height-5 and
weight-86 kgs.
one week ago,i chekup,result thyroid TSH-8.60 and
Fasting 118
B.P. 120/80
Problems is that I can not reduced my weight, by doing my great efforts. How can I am reduced
my weight. Beacause I want to reduce about 20 KG.
Please reply my email and give suitable suggestions. I can also do
kapalbhat nad lom vilom 15-15 mintues.
Manisha  - Thyroid problem |2013-06-23
Hello Sir,
past 5 years I am suffering from throid problem firstly I was advised to take eltroxin 100mg
later it was told to take thyronom 75
but there is no improvement please tell me want diet I should take to get rid of
this .also advise me the medicine that I should take
I am gaining weight it is now 70 kg and my age is 27. my face looks
as if swollen and pigmentation has started around the chin ,on knuckles. ankles calf . plz advise me soon
avi  - hypo thyroid |2013-06-23
is it curable with ayurvedam medicine
seema sindhi  - thyriod |2013-06-21
respected sir i am handicapped girl i am suffering thyriod mera thyriod tsh 48 he i gets 125 dose tablet but i want
to take ayvedik medician sugest food and excercise for handicapped thyriod girl i am 28 year girl my weigh is low and
my energy is weak or low
priyanka pawar  - hypothyroid |2013-06-20
dear sir,

i am 32 year old and have a one yr old daughter...i was diagonesed with hypothyroid 3 yrs back and
since then i am on medications.eltoxin m taking the medicine for 5 days a week...i actually want it to get it possible..??i visit a thyroid sp and he says that it is genetic and chances to live without
medications is extremly rare if at all.....please advice this tsh levels shoot up if i go off
medication even for a was 28 and now its 9.
jitu patel  - thyroid cancer |2013-06-12
Dear Sir,
i just had parotid gland surgery & after that i went to see the doc to see the report, report abt tumor is ok
but ther is thyroid cancer detected in report, doc said it's treatable, can u please advise me something ayurvedik
because i dont want to do the surgery again, i just gave the blood for report and waiting for it because when do check
my neck and throat he felt normal, my age is 27,
thanking you
Ran  - Hypothyroidsm |2013-05-19
Hi sir , i m 20yr old and i weigh 79kg and my tsh is 5 , i took panchakarma treatment for obesity but it did not work
,and have hair fall,wt gain,constipation dry skin,anemia etc so plz suggest me medicines
sandy  - throyid |2012-09-22
my weight is 140 kg n m suffering from throyid from last 4 years .. plz help me out
samy  - for hypothroid |2012-09-14
hello sir,
i am 21 years of age and is suffering
form hypothroidism from the last 2 months and i want to get rid of it
,is there any permanent treatment for
this ,or any kind of yoga to be practised that can uproot this problem
.please help me out of this.
Sukh  - Tsh |2012-09-01
Sir I'm suffering from thiorid last three year and taking 100mg tablet I m 32ys and weight is 75kg I want to parmanent
solution of this problem
dimple  - cure for hypothyroid |2012-07-31
my t3 and t4 is normal and my tsh is 7 can it be cured by ayurvedic medicine and yoga from roots and for ever.
and can i
plan for baby. i am 28 years old...
dimple kaur bal  - hypothyroid |2012-07-31
can hypothyroidism be cured for root for ever by yoga and ayurvedic medicines , as i hav visited baba ramdev center
for medicine...
sudhir  - thyroid |2012-07-19
sir my mother age around 47 . as per report says thyroid is normally higher side taking medicine continue , plz. sir
tell me permanent solution for thyroid or ayurvedic medicine
bobby  - Taking Thyrosin |2012-06-18
Dear sir, I am taking Thyosin-50mg for the last one year, it is now normal, but not able to concieve, please advise for
better treatment
swarn  - hypothyroid |2012-06-03
Respected Sir,

Having hypothyroid for the last 8 year,TSH 9.00,T-3,T-4 Normal, Total cholestrol 230, any natural
medicine,having swelling on the body
ajay |2012-05-27
sir my wife is suffering from hyper thyroid disease. she is taking allopathic medicine but there is no relief. please
advice an ayur remedie & how long it has to be used. i am waiting for your reply.
bobby shah  - Thyroid |2012-04-19
Dear Sir,
I'm 42 years old and my T3 and T4 is normal but TRIGLYCERIDES is 202 and TSH is 9.21.
i have no other
problem of health.
plz advise me some good ayurvedic medicine.
Thanking u in advance.
M SANTHOSH KUMAR |2012-04-13
Sir pls send me Ayurvedic medicines for Thyroid problem
Hai sir. I am suffering from Thyroid problem from last 4 years. i am having english medicines there is no effect. kindly
send me Ayurvedic medicines to control Thyroid problem.
rekha panchasara  - thyrod |2012-03-24,s value 1.13 t4pt.s value 6.8 microgram/// velue 0.45

remarks test done
by chemiluminences centur cp bayer

T.KIRAN PRASAD  - hyper thyroid problem |2012-03-09
respected sir,

iam using last 1 year to till now of english medicine ,but there is no good result,please help me sir
,what can i do for this problem,if there is any medicine please send the details for my email id
contact no: +91 -98###35083.
kurnool district
nandyal (TQ) 518502
Anwar  - Problem Hyper Thyroid |2012-02-18
My wife has the problem of enhancement of prolectin. She has Tsh 6.20 and become swelling the hands fingers in the
Please suggest the ayurvedic medicine and home treatment.
jkumar  - tips for refreshing tsh to normal position |2012-01-24
pls get me details ,for more medicine to becoming a smart position.our tsh is high above 100,now that
condition is body tired.
nitin  - tsh is 5.2 |2012-01-13
my t3 & t4 are in normal range but tsh is 5.2. please suggest me what to d. how can i cure it without taking allopaty
my age is 30.
prakash Chandra Pandey |2012-01-04
dear sir
my tsh is 7.78
please tell me the ayurvediv medicine for the thyroid treatment
Asha  - female |2012-01-04
I have Hypothyroidism, doctor have prescribed Synthroid, have not started yet. Want to know if there is any other
treatment for it. Worried about weight gain on medicine. Also have high blood pressure and on diuretis medicine.
rahim  - thyroaide |2011-12-19
respected sir my daughter have thyroaide decease
T4 --- 4.2 TSH 9.2 T3 0.4 she is 14 yrs old pls send remedy
nayana alagundi  - med for thr and diabeties. |2011-12-13
respected sir i have tsh 8.5 ,could u tell me what medicine should i take and is it curable also m suffering from
diabeties my fasting sugar is 166 and after meal is 265 please suggest me .
M. ANSARI  - thyrotoxicosis-excess release of fluid |2011-10-17
my wife aged 32 years, is suffering from UTERUS ulcer, due to this she had misconception in march this year.

now we
came to know in july that she is also suffering from thyrotoxicosis.

now her level of thyroid is under control . please
tell us the natural medicine and yoga position to cure it well.
Chiragi Desai  - Thyroid |2011-09-08
Dear Sir

I am 23 years femaile have subclinical hypothyroid. TSH level high and t3, t4 levels normal. i have hair and
weight problems. please suggest remedies
suganthiran govender  - underactive thyoid |2011-09-07
my wife is suffering with underactive thyoid,pls give me home remidies ,thanks .from south africa.
manisha sharma  - tyriod |2011-08-25
Hello sir, I'm hvimg tyriod from last one year all those weight gain ,etc r my problem last time whn I want for blood
test I fell dizzy and thn fell down I font knw tht I hv low b.p or nt I'm on English medics bt I wnt to go for Ayurvedic
I wnt to knw tht is ayurvedic medics is best thn English and I can take both my age is 20 and I'm girl. Plz relpy
Radha  - Thyroid TSH 11.9 and 6 weeks pregnant |2011-08-19
Hello sir,

I am 30 years old and 6 weeks pregnant(first one). I realized last week that i have Hypothyrodism TSH 11.9.
I am taking thyroxin 50 mg from last week. Please suggest me what I can do now so that my feotus physical and mentral
growth is not affected. I am eagerly waiting for an answer coz i am bit scared reading many articles about the effect
of thyroid on feotus. Please let me know what I can do now to improve my feotus physical and mental health.
Anitha .B  - thyroid |2011-08-09
i got thyroid problem after i deliverd the baby now my child is four years old now i conformed that i have got thyriod
after consulting dr. what r the food restriction for this my thyroid level is bit high do we get giddiness for thyroid
from four years i have giddyness .
surekha  - thyroid |2011-06-30
sir, I think I'm suffering fron thyroid from the symtons eh people r mentioning above. I do kapalbhati, n anulom viloma
almost everyday. 1want herbal to some herbal n home made treatment. plse do help me. thnx
kamlaben  - suggest your ayurved medicine for dimentia disease |2011-06-02
My mother kamlaben is suffering from dimentia (short memory problem and other imotional sensitive
problem). Please suggest me tratement and your ayurved product for upchar.

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Divya Medohar vati
Best Useful in Weight Loss. Useful in obesity & also in Hyperlipidemia. It first removes disorders of the digestive system & then reduces the extra..

Divya Kanchanar Guggulu
Best useful in Tumors & Goiter. Traditionally used in Ayurveda for thyroid problems & glandular..

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Thyroid Patients

I am suffering with hypo thyroidism for the past 4 years.
I'm suffering to mixed Parotid tumour. There is a 27.7mm X 37.3mm mass present in the left parotid gland consistent with mixed parotid tumour. The right parotid and both submandibular glands are normal. Both lobes of the thyroid are normal. There are no enlarged lymphnodes in the neck.
I am a 45 year old lady suffering from hypothyroidism for the past 7 years and on thyroxin 50 and 100 mg respectively. I feel hihly lethargic in doing any kind of job and i am slightly obese. I am also suffering from anemia occassionally. I have devoloped iritation itching and acne on scalp. i always feel like scratching the scalp and still the problem is persisting
due to taking predinosolone i hv thyroid problem since 4 month plz tell me how it cure?
36 year Female suffering Hypothyroid TSH Leval 7.34, T3 & T4 Normal
I am 33 years old unmarried female. developed Hyppthyroidism 6 mnths back but i am having heavy and irregular periods from last 6 yrs
I am suffering from HypoThyroid from last five years
This is Jai and I take care of my Wife Namrata who has Thyroid problem along with probably migraine.
i am 29 yrs old married women having one girl child of 6 yrs. after delivery i have lot of back pain on the lower side of bone marrow. i am thyroid patient.

Thyroid Question & Answers


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