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In present days youth, middle aged, old, males, females – everybody is generally troubled by burning sensation during urination. When somebody has this problem in childhood, the reason is mainly narrow urinary passage. More often this happens in girls. The boys who have stones in the bladder or in the urinary passage are troubled by this as well. Diabetes, malnutrition, liver-diseases, and low immunity can also be a reason of burning in urine. Consumption of less water could also be a reason for the same. Never ignore burning sensation during urination.

Infection in urinary passage leads to urinary problems. The infection leads to urine by various means. Most of the times the germs present in urinary passage reach the urinary bladder. This may give rise to burning during urination. The germs present in the faeces may spread to vaginal area and reach the urinary bladder and spread the infection.

When a tube is inserted to give passage to urine, in such cases germs reach urinary passage through the tube and spread infection which gives rise to burning sensation during urination. Many a times, infection in the fallopian tube, uterus, ovary, or intestine spreads to the urinary bladder. Sometimes dangerous sexual diseases like gonorrhea also infect urinary passage and cause burning.


  • The urinary disease advances very slowly. About 10-20% of the initial symptoms of this disease do not show. Many a times the symptoms give rise to confusion.
  • The patient feels like urinating frequently.
  • The patient gets fever with cold.
  • The patient urinates drop by drop with difficulty.
  • Due to swelling, the bladder capacity of holding urine is adversely affected.
  • The urine color becomes red.
  • The patient experiences puffiness and swelling under the eyes.
  • The patient experiences pain in the navel area.
  • The patient experiences burning and pain during urination.
  • The patient’s urine smells foul.
  • The patient experiences stomach ache, sometimes constipation, sometimes headache, insomnia, common-cold, low appetite, due to stone or grave infection there can be blood in the urine.
  • Even after urinating, the patient urges to shed more.
  • The penal, anal, or vaginal area can experience pain, itching, and burning.
  • The urine of the patient can even become milky or yellow.
  • The weight of the patient reduces and he suffers from low appetite.
  • The patient feels very thirsty and his mouth becomes dry.


The infection in the prostate gland also increases the infection. The infection in the testes or sperm tract, or tuberculosis also play a major role in giving rise to this disease. Due to cancerous tumor, swelling in the urinary passage or any ulcer due to any other disease can also give rise to burning in urine. Consumption of less water does not clean the urinary system. Due to this reason also, there is burning in urine. During pregnancy or after the child’s birth, due to damaged nerves or spine resulting in hindrance in the urinary tract, the problem of burning in urine starts.

Cure of disease with herbal remedies:

Herbal remedies can effectively cure burning in urine.

  • Flower of Gendarussa helps in curing pulmonary tuberculosis, removes pittadosha, and the bladder heat. If 8-10 flowers are soaked in water at night, mashed and strained in the morning, and consumed, will remove burning and redness in urine.
  • The small root of chaste-tree should be wrapped in banana leaf and roasted. When the leaf is charred, then the root should be ground together with roasted cumin and sugar. Then it should be mixed with clarified butter, and it should be taken in morning and evening to remove any urinary problems. The paste of the root should be applied on the urinary passage opening to soothe burning and heat.
  • 20-25 gm Wood apple root should be grounded at night and soaked in 500 gm water. Then in the morning mash and take it with palm candy to eliminate burning in urine.
  • To alleviate pus in urine take pulp of wood apple grind and mix it with milk and sugar. Consume the same. This remedy also helps in patients who have the urge to urinate frequently.
  • Take 6 gm of fresh and tender wood apple leaves, white cumin 3 gm, palm candy 6 gm. Grind together all of the ingredients. Consume the powder and drink water thereafter. This remedy helps in 6-7 days. Many problems can be cured by this remedy.
  • The decoction of sage grass is diuretic in nature and cures pain. This decoction is helpful in burning during urination.
  • Decoction of the root of sugarcane also alleviates burning in urine. 40-60 gm of the same should be consumed.
  • Drink sugarcane juice full stomach to cleanse urine and urinary passage. This removes any problem of the urinary system. The juice should always be fresh.
  • Burning can be alleviated by drinking decoction of onion.
  • Sherbet made of satavr and gokhru also removes many urinary troubles.

Mud Therapy

Mud therapy has shown many favorable and miracle cure of chronic diseases. For mud therapy the soil taken should be free of any pebbles or stones and should be coarse. The soil should be pounded sieved and soaked in water for a day. After that knead it like dough using a wooden ladle. Make the soil very soft by kneading. The consistency of the mud should be thick and not flowing. Mud once used should not be used again. Spread the mud on the affected areas viz the genitals to get rid of burning in urine. By doing this success is achieved in getting rid of burning in urine.

Water Therapy

Body is composed of 55-75 of water. Saliva, blood, internal and important juices have all water in them. In between the bone joints, around the digestive system the water is present as fluid in membranes. This protects the vital body organs. At least 5 liters of water should be consumed everyday. Drinking less water may lead to urine infection and consequently burning in urine. Therefore to get rid of the disease drink plenty of water.


  • The urethra should be kept clean.
  • Women should treat leucorrhea immediately and should take special cre during pregnancy.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take special care of the cleanliness of undergarments.
  • Salt intake in diet should be less.


  • The patient should drink lemon sherbet, sugarcane juice, tender coconut wter, sherbet, almond milk, cucumber juice and other fruit juices. He should eat fruits like water melon, musk melon, papaya, cucumber and pineapple.
  • The patient should eat tinda, gourd, ribbed gourd, pumpkin, radish and kulthi dal.
  • Eat sprout of kulthi dal and other legumes.
  • Patient should take lot of honey.
  • Make chapattis of whole wheat flour which has been soaked in water for 4-6 hours.
  • Patent should consume buttermilk and curd in plenty.
  • Patient should eat chapattis of oat meal.

What not to eat

  • Patient should not consume chocolate, beet root, sour fruits, tomato , brinjal, chili and onion.
  • Papad, kachori, and fried stuff should be totally avoided.
  • Cream, butter, vegetable oil, etc should not be consumed.
  • Packaged food, junk food, fast food, junk food should not be eaten.
  • Eat less sugar.
  • Dairy products and jam should not be consumed.
  • Any food stuff that causes constipation should be avoided also keep away from spicy and oily food.

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    Suhail  - BURNING SENSATION IN URINE |2018-01-24
    Hi Sir.
    I am 28 years old a day I feel burning sensation from past one week. This is Ist time I met this sickness. When
    I pass the urine then it's OK but after at normal time I feel bit sensation very low and I used to drink lot of water
    and juice then it will be fine.. but one day or two day I comes again and I know I eat everything like oily food etc
    Please provide me good solution so that I can follow and get rid from this disease.
    Thank you..
    Hammond  - Burning sensation |2017-08-01
    I am 31 years old. I need a good herbal medicine for permanent treatment of burning sensation at the my penis, cap of
    my penis. it reflect to me testis, also frequent urination. please recommend good herbal medication for me and where can
    i get it. I am really suffering please help me. I live in Accra Ghana.
    Nitesh raj  - Raj |2015-11-13
    Sir.. Hm ko hamesa fever rahta Hi.. Ov 2 years se.. Or hm sb jagh pr ja k check up krwaya Hi. Delhi gangaram . Max me
    mtlb bahut jagh sb jagh pr mere urine me infection bolte Hi Koi doctor bola ke ecolie sb report me urine flow me prb tha
    n kitne jagh pr ecolie ka prb dekhaya . n liver me fat tha. Or baar baar urine me jalan pain toh bahut Jada hota Hi. Fir
    ruk ruk k urine hota Hi.. Urine think se ni hota jis se baar baar lgta Hi ke urine thik se ni hua. BT sb se Jada prb hm
    ko fever kiya Hi evening time me fever bahut tez aata Hi or fir raat me km ho jata Hi . BT fir 10 bj k tez hojata Hi. BT
    fever pure time rhta Hi. Sir plz help me..
    Ravi  - Burning sensation in Urine |2015-08-28
    Thanks for solution Past days I was not well and i feel burning sensation in my urine at the top Part if there a bit of
    bladder least of water then i just i just feel to release as early as possible and i feel pain while urinal but water
    Therapy is Great Just in a one Day I got relief Earlier I released pale yellow urinal now Pure White as Natural water
    color so, I continue with this habit till the rest of my life.

    anamika  - burning sensation during and after urination and |2015-03-12
    Dear sir,
    My mother is suffering from burning sensation during and after urination, stomachache and frequent
    urination. she is suffering from last ten years. She had consulted so many doctors but no relief she got. She had lots
    of x-ray and ultra sounds but nothing comes in that She is in lots of trouble. Please help me....
    Thank you
    tushar  - Burning on panish surface after pass urine |2014-12-11

    last two years this problems, before three month my urine is radistion-brown then i prefear homeopathik madicine
    then it impro in my urine,but when urine pass after burning on panish surface area. second symtomp is strain in
    hydrocele,then continious sneezing,back pain, in mauth problems
    Anonymous  - pishab |2014-11-23
    Muje pishab bahut ati hai mai kya karu sir muje subo aur shaam me ye jiyada ho jati hai mai be koi test nahi kiya aur
    muje koi buri adaat nai hai kya ye Tandi k waja se hoti hai pehele muje aaisa kabi nai huwa ek shugar ka admi bola tabi
    se dar hora hai mai kya karu boliye plz sir meri abi Tak shadi b nai hui kya aage muje koi problem hoga plz help me
    parvez  - urine burning |2014-09-03
    Dear sir
    . I Have urine burning problem since last 10 year I am a male of 30 years old . Kindly tell me
    the pracasions
    naresh  - slow urination |2014-08-25
    kafi time se mujhe asa lagta ki slow urination ki problem h, kabhi thik rahta h kabhi nahi, abhi tak mane kisi
    doctor se consult nahi kiya h hesitation ki wajaha se, wase urination me mujhe koi problem nahi h, but urin flow bahut
    dhire hota h, kya ye ek problem h pls suggest me
    pooja  - urine jalan |2014-07-15
    Hello I m 24 years girl pas 2 month I am suffering buring urine.max in a day pls suggest me something its impact my work
    sabu  - itching n irritation after mensuration |2014-06-06

    im 20yrs girl n im having lots of irritation n itching in ovary n there is white discharge also lyk a water
    please give some advice what to do?????
    sonu2427  - urien problem |2013-12-21
    sir i m 30 year old man sir im metrofenoff patient i mean when i born my urien is always droping then i meet pgi
    hospital where my operation done from doctor i have small capicity blader so make new blader by antt and creat a volve
    after that when i insert the tube for urien i m happy but last one month i m suffering from penis pain and also my urien
    color is very red like as blood. after then i take altrasound and kub x ray and many test all test is possitive but
    problem still ther what to sir.
    sshahid  - testicles burning and penis burning after urnial |2013-09-11
    Dear sir I am 24 years for last 2 months m havng a mild burning sensation after urinate in testicles and penis could u
    plz tell wats the actual prblm..
    goldy |2013-08-15
    I have. Burning sensation and. Itching during. Urination. from last 7 days . Please. Recommend. Me home. Remedy. Age. 40
    year . Thanks
    Ankit rana  - burning sensation in urinate |2013-08-14
    Respect sir,mam I am 18 year old and last 4 years i hve urine burning but after consituing to
    doctor i got cure but
    last 20 days my urine is burning again after pee and my all tests are normal. thn why i having this prblem feel like I
    am dying evryday sme one should help me wht can i do ?
    help at my official adress is An***

    directly help me at na 75###07219
    thanks :)
    Abhishek  - Urine Burning |2013-07-26
    Dear Sir , I am 32 yrs old and last 10 yrs i have urine burning but after consltuing doctor it got cure. But last 3
    monts i have in very problum . My urine is burning after pee, my KFT test is normal and all my related test is normal
    ,but still i am in big trouble. plz suggest me what can i do .
    Kamala  - Urine burning |2013-07-12
    Dr my husband is a diabetic, eye problem, retina treatment with Ayurvedic medicine, he also have prostrate problem, now
    he is suffering from urine burning. He is taking so much medicines, so I think because of heat this happens, please
    advice some home tips dr, he is seventy years old, dr.
    vivek  - burning sensation in urine |2013-06-25
    I am having this problem since so many weeks ,these days i am having lots of water after consuming it am not having any
    burning sensation and if i stop it for 1 or 2 hrs again it starts . I feel like irritation and cant able to think about
    sex anymore this burning sensation really making my life worse.Please help me to get rid of this problem Baba.Please
    suggest me some exercise or yoga asanas so that I will be practising it daily .
    K.B.M.Krishna  - burning sensation in urine |2013-06-24
    Namaskar baba,

    while i am passing urine i am suffering with burning sensation and puss with bad smell since
    last 2 days.Please give me good medication.

    jank rani  - burning sensation |2013-06-24
    my grand mother is in problem. she has sojh and cuts in urine area. she is a sugar patient.
    but her sugar is control..
    she is not eat sweets etc. but burning sensation increases when passing out the urine.. the problem is increases so
    much. when we test the urine. then report show pash in urine.. so the burining sensation and sojh increases.... she does
    take good diet and rest because of burning sensation in urine... give the advice, what we will do.
    umesh  - urin burning problem |2013-06-20
    namaste baba,

    i have burning problem in urin out and also having prob urin doesnot out easly it comes and stop
    again come and stop
    it happen approxmit to 5 years, my age 26 years plese send my email id um***
    pinky  - Burning sensation while m urintaing |2012-08-31
    Dear sir,
    i am suffering burning senastion of while i am urining past 20 days give me anmy solution. my
    urin colour become somewhat yellowes.
    Nirmala Devi  - Burining in urine |2012-08-20

    I am 65 years old since some days feeling burning in my urine and night time urine pass every 30 menuites
    what can i do for this my problems

    VPO Gadra Road Tehsil Shiv District Barmmer Rajasthan

    sankr  - i have one prblm |2012-08-02
    3 more drops urine coming aftr urination.three years before this prblm started, i use more medicine from alopathy &
    homeo but nochange this promlm my age is 28 pls tell me now what i do sir,
    OMI VERMA  - baar-baar peshab ana |2012-08-02
    sir mujhe baar baar peshab ko jana padta hai har 1 ghante baad sir ye itni baar peshab kyo ati hai i am 21
    year old please give me soulution
    Sola  - Urinate frequently and pain |2012-07-29
    Pls sir i unrirate frequently and i feel pain when am unirating pls help me
    sanjay sharma  - natural treatment for burning in urine |2012-07-16
    mujhe 20-25 din se peshab main jalan ho rahi hai. urine clear ho rahi hai kintu jalan barabar ho rahi hai. ultrasound
    report bhi clear hai pathri nahi hai. medicine le raha hu koi fayda nahi hai.

    Pls koi solution bataye
    wasif  - pain in knee caps,backbone & frequent nightfall by |2012-05-09
    as above mentioned,i am now taking medicine to treat urine infection.
    but i have now burning during urinaton at night
    imran khkan  - feel burning in my penis |2012-03-21
    respected sir,
    I just feel burning in my penis after urination and it feels to for one more urination after doing
    second ago..
    I m feeling this from past two days.
    sir plz help me, what should I do to cure this..?
    with e-mail.....
    I an 24 yr old and it distract me from study, plz help.....
    rakesh singh  - burning sensation in urine. |2012-03-08
    respected sir,
    i have suffering a chronic burning sensation in my urine,
    i m now 45yrs of age......
    i also done many tests,x-rays regarding this burning problem...
    i had already done ma kub test,blood test, n digital
    x-ray also,
    but all the reports are normal...
    n ma problem is still there...........
    not relief yet........
    plz advice
    wat to do now.....??????????
    amit kumar  - burning sensation in penis |2012-03-06
    sir my problem is that whenever i ejaculate in natural(nightfall) or unnatural ways,i have a strong burning sensation in
    my penis after 3-5 minutes.
    For getting rid of it i drink lot of water and pee lots of time, during this process i had
    lot of mental stress too.
    Finally after 30-40 minutes the sensation stops.
    kindly suggest me ways to completely get rid
    of this problem and if possible suggest some affordable and easily available medicines to me.
    thank u
    sarvesh kumar  - BURNING SENSATION IN URINAL PASSAGE |2012-02-26
    Sir, my wife aged 36yr is suffering from burning sensation in urinal passagesince 20 feb2012. sometimes she feels that
    whole bachadani will fall she is feeling pain in stomach,backach headac n her mouth is always kadwa type n
    feels fever pl. help me as early as possible.
    sarvesh kumar  - burning sensation in urinal passage |2012-02-26
    sir, my wife aged 36 year is suffering sensation in urinal passage since20 feb2012.she feels that whole bachadani may
    fallout she feels pain continuously n now she is feeling pain in stomach,headach,backpain etc pl. help me as early as
    Sudama sharma  - Feeling burning after urine. |2012-02-18
    Dear Sir,

    I m sudama sharma. i m 19 years old im a student.

    From few weeks i m feeling burning after urine. and
    few days ago a little amount of blood is extract through the urine. presently i really suffering from this...

    sir give me solution for get out from it.....
    vinod  - burning sensation and feel like one more urination |2012-02-16
    respected sir,
    I just feel burning in my penis after urination and it feels to for one more urination after doing few
    second ago..
    I m feeling this from past two days.
    sir plz help me, what should I do to cure this..?
    plz reply
    with e-mail.....
    I an 25 yr old and it distract me from study, plz help.....
    monika  - urinary infection and burning senseation |2012-01-19
    Hello Sir /Madam
    I am 30 year old lady.From last 10 years i am suffering from
    urinary infection and burning my life is
    becoming hell day by day ,i feel so sick
    pus cell count is more and ESR is also more.PLS HELP ME.
    sandeep  - BURNING SENSATION WHILE URINATING |2011-10-12
    I am suffering with the burning feeling when the time of urinating since from two years.i consult a doctor who
    giving me this medicine which i writern.
    cefac 500
    zovistar 400
    andriol testocaps
    optimize cap
    please help me am i taking the right medicine or not. please help me
    tareen khan  - urine burnig |2011-09-24
    i am 32 years young man and i have some problem in urination, i am feeling burning at the time of urination last one
    year at the start of this urine is redish colour.

    so plz tel me some midecan i use alot of mdican im from
    pakistancity peshwar thanks tareen khan
    L.L.Shukla  - urine burning problem |2011-09-12
    R/Sir, i am suffering of the problem in urine. after of each urination and after ejaculation . After ejaculation , my
    burning increase and sustaine at least 8-10 days. RUG,cyctoscopy, and other test were done and found normal.ultrasound
    report is normal in case of prostate gland my age is 51 years. urine frequency is over and discharge quantity is 200ml .
    early ejaculation/premature ejaculation is also noticed.kindly advise me the medicine. although I am takning GOMUTRA ARK
    available in market 15 ml evening and morning as well as ALFATOM TAB.
    I am also taking kadha of GURCH(giloy and kali
    Maggz  - About my prostate gland |2011-09-10
    Dear/sir or mam..two days ago from knw when i pee i saw yelow thing coming out of my penis and ichies im
    scared..what medice from chemist/links shud i go for to prevent my problem.plz help thankx.
    joginder kumar  - burning after urine |2011-07-20
    i m 36yrs old i have problem of burning.i have taken many medicine for the same but fail and taken test rgu my passage
    of urine is clear.but burning at time of initial urine and afer discharge of urine
    navjot singh  - burning |2011-07-03
    yea my age is 30 now i have this problem since i was 15,
    navjot singh  - buring |2011-07-03
    dear sir i have brning sensation while peeing, every day every single time when i go to pee,
    i have this problem since i
    was 15 year old, and i took plenty of medicine to cure it, but i couldnt get rid of this problem,
    some time my kidney
    got little bit pain,i had some stones in my kidney but doctors got them out by lithroscopy
    and after a while i mean
    after a month of surgery burning sensation came back, i am in trouble please tell me the permanent cure for this problem
    and also tell me, could this burning can effect my other organs in body?
    Mudassir Azam  - need advice |2011-05-09
    Dear Sir,
    I am facing this urine problem that last weekend ,i ate fried items that caused me stomach ache,and
    my urine color is sometimes white like milky and sometimes yellow,I am totally afraid of this matter am going married
    please provide me any remedy will very thing more i am fond of drinking juices eating fruites would this
    result better or not.please reply
    aman  - pain n burning sensation during urinationn after m |2011-03-28
    namaskar baba, aman frm delhi me last 5 yrs se testis me mild pain or urine
    karne par jalan or dard se pareshan ho sath he mastubate karne k bad penis me jalan se hoti h jis k wajah se me bhut
    pareshan hu mujhe khuch samaj nahi a raha kya karo meri age 25 yr h me single hu shadi k bad kya hoga pareshan hu
    pls koi upchar bataye.
    Anu  - burnig sensation in urine |2011-02-13
    Dear Sir

    mujhe 3 months se urine mei burning sensation ho rhi hei. check up karane pta chala ki ye infection nahi

    to fir aur kis rason se ho sakta hei?
    Dear Swami Ji, Pranam.

    Last one month I am feeling mild pain in my appendix area (appendix removed in 2004) and that
    stretches towards right side pubic area. Always urges to touch that area, Also feeling mild burning sensation while
    urinating. USG shows no Hernia, No appendix area infection. Blood/ Urine sugar normal with 2-3 pus cells. Rest all

    Please help with some patanjali medicines


    Raj  - Pesaab bar bar aana |2010-09-08
    Mera naam raj aur mei 27 saal ka hoo..sir..pichle 1year se me pesaab bar bar jane se pareshan hu..Sir 15 minut me
    mera bladder bhar jata hai aur mujhe pesaab jana padta hai.bas din bhar yahi feeling hoti rahti hai..mene Ultrasound bhi
    karaya hai sabhi report normal hai..Sugar taxt bhi normal hai ab aap hi bataye ki kya ho sakta doctor ke ilaaz
    se to haar gaya hu kisi ko kuch pata nahi chalta ....ek baat aur jim jaya karta tha kaheen jyada bajan udane ke
    karan to nahi ho sakta aur mera left testicle bhi halka sa dard karta hai jab mei ese choota hu to koi nas badi hui
    lagti hai kya ese nas ke karn bar bar pesab aata hai meine testicle ka bhi ultrasound karaya hai usme bhi report normal
    hai..ab aap hi batao me kya karu ..koi ilaaz hai.eska ya mujhe ye ashadya rog ho gaya hi..sir pls help me out of this
    problem sir..Raj
    krishna  - peshab me problem |2010-08-15
    meko peshab bar bar aati hai or jalan nahi or shakar bhi nahi hai me ry age 30 year hai me pichle 10 year se hand
    practis kar rha hu or jan 2o1o me shadi ho gye or m urin tablet ya chandra makardhvj koi bhi tablet leta hu to mughe
    peshab jayda aata hai or jitni bar peshab aati hai utni bar pet me infaction ho jata hai elaj batao
    nehamehroze  - burning sensation after urination |2010-03-29
    i am 29 years old female ,i have burning sensation during urination and it smells foul.i have acute
    pancretitis problem also does this effect any,pls suggest me
    VINAY THAKUR  - burning sensation in penis tip |2010-03-13
    Namshakr Baba

    Mera age 29 years hai , mai last 3 yerars se penis tip burning se pareshan hu. alopathic madicine se
    koi rahat nahi mil rahi hai. meri sadi ho gayi hai but ye problem mughe sadi ke pahle hai.

    Pls koi solution bataye
    aaryan  - severe urine prob.premature ejaculatio & hair is n |2010-02-03
    pranam baba
    i am aaryan i have been continously suffering frm urine prob frm d last 8 urine does not flush

    out clearly i ave to go frequently 4 my flush out,i cannot control my urine it burn like anything in d lower end of my
    abbs .dr.told me that i have a snall narrowing in d passage of my urine &semen always shows infection whenever
    i do masturbation my semen discharge within 5 second,what hould i do to get ride of this prob .Baba which yoga should i
    do to get ride of this prob.
    prabhakar  - re: burning sesation after passing of urine |2009-12-10
    i am 28 year old man working as a site engg.
    from last 2 weeks i am feeling burning sensation in my urine
    passage i gone through urine routine
    its all ok.
    every day after return from office around 9:30 to 10 pm burning is
    statrted and it last for whole night therefore i could not sleep nor do sex with my wife i consumed lot of water but
    still its not cured plzz help
    Kiranpal singh  - burning problem in urin |2009-11-21
    sir i have burning problem in urin out and also having prob urin doesnot out easly it comes and stop again come and stop
    it happen approxmit to 7 years (please sent in hindi)
    Dr@myyog  - effective herbal treatment for chronic UTI |2009-11-21
    Hello kiranpal

    Burning urination and increased frequency of urination is generally due to UTIs or urinary tract
    infections. Sometimes infections turn chronic and continuous dribbling of urine occurs. Patient feels unbearable
    pain during urination and feels unbearable pressure to pass urine and urine comes as only some drops. We recommend
    you to take link: aprabha-Vati-4
    0gm.html and link: Shilajit-Capsu
    le.html regularly to cure your problem permanently and to restore the health, power and immunity of urogenital
    system. Drink a minimum of five liters of water daily. A regular course will give you marvelous results.

    Shanta Kumar  - Irritation in urethra |2009-11-17
    Sir I am a 30 year old male.
    I have been having some burning sensation while urination after masturbation.

    Now, there
    is a slight irritation in the penis also. Please suggest what to do. This would affect my married life too.

    Thanks in
    Dr@myyog  - natural treatment for burning in urine |2009-11-18
    Hello shanta

    Masturbation may result in infections which in turn may cause burning sensation while passing urine
    in urethra, sexual weakness, physical weakness and many other problems like frequent urination and weak penis etc.
    You should avoid masturbation and take link: Shilajit-Capsu
    le.html twice a day after meals with water. This will help in clearing the side effects of masturbation, general
    body weakness, sexual weakness and UTIs. Slowly all your problems will be cured and your sexual and physical power
    will increase. Yhis is safe and natural aphrodisiac medicine and a efficient medicines for urinary

    amresh.kumar |2009-11-12
    dear sir i am suffering from hair loose please suggest me what to do i am only 21 years old please give a good remidy.
    thank you.
    Dr@myyog  - herbal solution for hair fall |2009-11-12
    Hello amresh

    Hair fall is very common problem and it is now very common in youg guys also. Polluted environment,
    work load, stress and unhealthy eating habits have increased the risk of hair fall and baldness. link: are herbal and safe preparations for all hair
    related problems like hair fall and dandruff etc. Use these herbal medicated hair oils and shampoos to prevent
    further hair fall and making hairs strong. Take healthy diet. Increase water intake. Further queries are

    Harsh Kumar  - Burning Sensation during Urination |2009-11-11
    i am 26 years young man and i have some problem in urination, i am feeling burning at the time of urination last two
    days at the start of this urine is redish colour.

    so please suggest me.
    Dr@myyog  - ayurvedic treatment for UTIs |2009-11-12
    Hello harsh

    Burning sensation in urine or increased frequency and urgency of urine is generally due to infection in
    urinary tract which is known as UTI. Urine comes out with pain and its color is dark yellow to red in color. It is very
    common problem and is generally cured without medication by simple increase in water intake. But if problem increases
    then high grade fever with chills and other complications can occur. So we recommend you to take DIVYA CHANDER PRABHA
    VATI (
    ha-Vati-40gm.html) thrice a day after meals with water. Increase water intake and do not stop the urge for urination.
    You will be fine with a week or two.

    M J Asif  - Burning sensation in urine and premature ejection |2009-09-05
    I am 32 year Male, married for 4 years I problems as mentioned below for 6 months
    Burning sensation in urine also

    Burning sensation in erection
    Blood pressure is going high
    Very early erection (within 1 minutes or less)
    (premature ejection)
    Sometimes erection while foreplay
    Burning sensation and feeling of erection starts as soon as I
    think for sex
    Feeling very weak after erection (must of time could not able to get up from bed)
    Improper sleep after
    sex session
    Next day morning, complete body pain
    Specially pain in penis and surrounding area
    Legs & calf pain,
    back pain and shoulders pain.
    Whole day, laze, sleepy and memory lost.
    Intake of spicy food, dry fruits, sweets,
    chocolate, coffee, tea with milk leads to night fall semi thick.
    Bad dreams lead to night fall.
    Sometimes, night
    fall even after sex session.
    ravikakde |2009-05-20
    very good article , this is used for
    who is suffring from this problem .
    many people suffring same problem.
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    Urinary problem Question & Answers


    Urinary Patients

    this for my Grandmother 80 years old she has stopped eating, weakness , not able to walk or sit , stool & urine on bed , loss of memory . Please help urgent , because Doctor (allopathy) has spoil the case , or help me for the address of dispensery at Navsari Gujarat. Its URGENT
    i have gone through several surgeries from the last 4 years for the urine coming slowly but not yet success
    I am a student.i am sufering from ejection of sperm with urine and faeces.
    my cystoscopy report is congested bladderneck and prostate urethra and proble is that dificult to pass urine is goes out in last as drop
    My 13years daughter can not control her urine. She also can not concentrate on her studies.
    I have a Problem of Lower Urethra Obstruction. It’s a urinal problem. My urine goes very slow with heavy burn. Its need an operation called "optical surgery" after every 3 to 4 month. History is too long basically when I was 11 yrs. old there was a stone in my left kidney and paining daily. One day suddenly its obstruct my urine and doctor was operate it through my penis. In that time I feel Relief but cause of that many screeches had made in my urinal pipe. After some time when its shrink my urine goes slow and burning. From that day I am continuously facing this problem and too many operations had been done in last 25 years. So please suggest any treatment for me. I thankful of you hole Life. Waiting and hope for your positive response. Thanks & Regards Pankaj Pande
    I am Deeepak working at kolkata age 25ye ,I observe problem during urine and after checkup doctor told me that your kidney is not functioning properly your blood elements are coming out so suggest me to be Healthy .
    My urine was stop Dr. Says this is because of stickcher and to operate it, have you any medicine for this deases
    Sir, I m an engineer & posted in Jammu. My father (age 58), has urine probled after hernia operation.
    My kid is 4 Years old now has been suffering from progressive myoclonic epilepsy for last 3 Yrs. He was borne under normal delivery to non-related parents, with no familial history of epilepsy. After two days of mild fever three years back, he developed slow swinging of all four limbs, he was on several allopath anti-epileptic medications, including steriods & immunoglobulins. He Seizures don't last more than few seconds with no loss of conciousness. All the limb movements have stopped for last two years. Hoever during this period he has lost his neck holding, swallowing difficulty, diffcult in sitting, gross incoordination movement of all the four limbs. The reason for progressive myoclonic epilepsy is still unknown to medical fraternity. For last one year he is on Homeopathic treatment. All his reports, Body, Spine and Brain MRI, Detailed Organic and Inorganic Blood & Urine Reports, Spinal Tap, EEG, Skin Biopsy reports showed normal results. Swamiji we pray if some help can be provided to our small kid. He has normal growth with good height and weight.

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