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This disease is known bohak in Arabian language, Safed dag. in Hindi, shwet kust in Sanskrit, pandre dag in Marathi, Lukoderma, and vitiligo, in English. Colour of our body depends upon the color pigments. These are known as melanoeties. There is a color by name melanine. If there is any problem in these melanoeties then there is malfunction and white color patches are formed. The white patches on the skin are known as vitiligo.

>Sometimes white patches occur due to allergy or due to shoes, slippers but they cannot be known as Lukoderma. This disease is not harmful or does not affect the immune system of the body. But a person is affected mentally due to this disease. He suffers from inferiority complex. The patient keeps himself away from others, he gets negative thoughts all the time. In our country this disease is considered to be very

bad. But, it is not contagious. However, the patient does not suffer from any pain but feels embarrassed. The ratio of such people in the complete world is 1-2%. This disease is seen from ancient age. 30%
of the cases are hereditary. This disease occurs to people of any age group. This is not due to germs, bac-
teria or virus. This is not affected by sitting, eating, sleeping or working with the person. This disease does not come through blood transformation.


Person suffering from this disease looks ugly. This disease is found more in women than men. Neck,
hands, legs, joints, face are affected with this disease. In the beginning this disease starts with a small patch. Gradually they turn into big patches. Later they form in groups and spread to the whole body. Sometimes it takes a long time to spread but sometimes it spreads very fast. Initially the affected part changes into lighter color and then spreads accordingly. There are many patches on the body. At last the patient’s body changes completely into white color. Sometimes it is observed that there is only one white patch on patient’s body.


This disease could be caused due to the consumption of polluted, adulterated, stale food products. Consuming food, which lacks vitamins,iron, proteins, and essential nutrients. Consuming spicy food and new food grains. Sometimes it occurs due to beauty care products.

People believe that if they take milk and fish together, or round pumpkin and milk, or onion and milk
then this disease occur. These have not been proved scientifically. It depends on person’s perception, tension, mental illness, bad stomach, jaundice, constipation, indigestion, and germs in stomach, typhoid, and hormone imbalance. This disease does not have any cure so it is difficult to cure it.


  • Take ginger juice and seeds of Bavachi, grind them fine, and apply this paste on the affected area thrice a day.
  • Remove the skin of Bavachi seeds and grind them. Take this mixture for 40 days continuously and apply on the affected area.
  • Take 60 gm of hadtale barkiya, take it for eight days in pulp of ghee kavar. Make it a tablet and dry it in the sun. Add in ¼ kg of clarified butter made with cow milk and heat it on low flame. When the tablet becomes black in color then take it off from the flame, remove the clarified but-
    ter and keep it separately, keep  the black medicine separately. Take them separately and apply daily on the affected area.
  • Take the skin of the neem tree, dry it in the sun and make powder. Add coconut oil in this powder. Apply this paste one hour before going to bed. Wipe it off after one hour and wash it with cold water. Continue this process for one month.
  • Take 20 gm white pepper oil, 40 gm neem oil, Bavachi, clove, cinnamon, 10 gm each of chaulmoogra and turpentine oil. Mixthem all and put it in a bottle apply this oil twice daily to get relief from white patches. Continue this process till the white patches are cured.
  • Take 60 gm of hadtal arkiya, two kilos of egg white. Squeeze it and keep it in ghee kanvar for a
    week. Make a tablet of it and after it dries keep it in a clean container, with two kilos of clarified butter. Now put a flame underneath. Wait till the cake or tablet turns into black, take off from the flame and let it cool. Keep the cake and clarified butter separately. Depending on our capacity this should be taken. Apply the black cake on the affected area.

Food habits

Patient should eat chapattis made with black gram and pure clarified butter made with cow milk. Patient can take chapattis made with wheat flour also. Patient should take moong dal, bathua, spinach, Sespedula, lady’s fingers, cucumber, cabbage, bitter gourd, cow milk, butter and easily digestible food. Patient should be on juices for at least a week. Patient should take fresh fruits and drink plenty of water. If the patient is suffering from indigestion or constipation then he should take enema.


Patient should not take tea, coffee, spicy food, deep fry food products, oily foodstuff, cold drinks. Patient should avoid eating in hotels or cold food from fridge. Curd, buffalo milk, brinjal, tubes, heavy food products, spices, excess salt.

Package for Leucoderma (Sveta Kustha)

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N M PATEL  - black spots got converted to white spots |2017-10-06

Swamiji, I had a black spots in my legs at same place on both sides before 2 years. i had
itching problem on that site. Before 1 teas I suffered from jaundice. later on these black spots converted to white
spots and started spreading. Now a days, it is at legs only but its size is getting bigger. i dont want to go for
allopathy, so i have concerned an ayurvedik doctor. but i m not getting any result. wht should i do?
shivam  - white daag |2016-04-12
sir im shivam muzhe 1 saal se safed daag hua he > thik ho gaye the but abhi koch dino se wapis dusri jagah wapis
daag hone lage ,, dr. ko dikhaya kuch tab. diye patchex lotion diye but puran aaram chahiye satik ilaaj hetu
margdarsan kare
k.kishor  - spreading vitiligo |2016-02-09
I am suffering with vitiligo last 35years.But my patches were still.these patches are spreaded on both legs.But before
4months I starts treatment from Ayurhealth...e but now patches spreading rapidly.what should I do?
Rana Shreeom  - Vitiligo issue |2015-12-17
Dear Ramdev Baba ji,

As per all above comment I also have some white patches on my down lips. I taking your prodouct
Savetra Kustra packege about 2.5 monts back.
There is no Improvement till now and some ittaching occur after take this
on whole body.
So pl advise me for fast cure for that or any additional medicine in this package
madhu  - vitiligo problem |2015-12-12
namskar swamiji/ pandit ji

how to remove the white patches please sujjest to us many people are suffering this
main thing is this disease not spreading the body how to control the spreading
please tell me swamiji
rohit burnwal  - viltiligo |2015-10-02
Namashkaar babaji I am suffering from vitiligo. m used homeopathy sometimes its shows its effect and or after a certain
period of time it turns into its skin color but its keeps coming on the others parts of my body
plz let me know its
remedy. I have white patches on my both legs.
simi  - white daag |2015-07-08
namashkar babaji, mere 20 year se white daag huva hai, aap ki medicine kha rahi hu , abhi thik nahi huva, kam jida hota
hai, ab meri saadi ki baat chalrahi hai, mujhe dar lag raha hai, kuyki log bura mante hai, kisi ko dhoka me rakh ke
marriage nahi karna chahti kuch aisa yoga & medicine bata do ki jaldi thik ho jao. aap ki jiwan bhar abhari rahudi
Lata  - Need Help & Solution |2015-06-09
Hi I read your blog and it is quite helpful for me.
I also have a small white patch at may face and neck.Please let me
know if there is any possible solution for this.

I am looking forward to hear back from you.
Ravi Talmale  - WHITE PATCHES |2015-05-04
Om ,
Guruji, I am from Maharashtra, Yavatmal District suffering from white patch from last one year ,
when I was 10
years, same problem occur with me. But after few days it recover, automatically now I am 46 years, The same small size
white patch are shown on my hands,legs, neck, please Suggest me Proper and perfect medicine from your lab. for Immidit
treatment : My Mobil No is 09###083358
inder |2015-04-14
hello sir ..

meri 9 years ki daughter hai, us ki right eye ke upar white patch aa geya hai. or us ki dono knee pe bhi
hai ... knee par use chot lagi thee waha par bhi white
patch ban Gaye hai... pls aap mujhe koi medicine ya koi home
remedies batiye...
VIVEK KUMAR RAI  - vitilgo problem |2015-03-07
Namaskar babaji,
Mujhe lumsum 5 year s se dono hatheli ke finger ke front side ye daag hai aur pair ke front par, baki
mera pure body par nahi hai, starting mujhe lips par aur right hand ke middle wali ugli ke par chota spot tha, dhire
dhire , homyopath,english drug use kiya bt, koi aaram nahi hai, spot aage badha nahi hai, pgi chandigarh treatment ke
liye gaya tha, dawa lene se mana kar unhone kaha yoga karo, pls koi upyay bataye, aap ka abhari rahuga..........
sachchya  - Safed Daag on Body |2015-02-11
sir, i suffered this white spot problem for last 20 Year.
i have this spot only in leg, they are not increasing in any
place , but last 2 last it is incresing in my body.
before some year i use some Cream is mananocyl and seat in Sun
light and after taking red color i put , Bakuchi Seed on them then it repigmented , but is theare any permanent ,
remedies for this in Yoga or in Ayurved.
pranali wankhede  - pranali-vitiligo |2015-02-08
Gud mrng sir...... i m pranali. I am 22yrs old and i m suffering frm white spot frm last 20 yrs...... i feel very regret
abt this spoy.... plz give me suggestion n proper treatmrnt for dis...
I hav tried many things bt it won't get
cured...... waitig for ur reply......
sudesh  - white spots |2014-12-25
i do have some white spots on my toes and finger and neck but when i take my medicine on a regular basis around for one
and half month then i find it reduces on my neck and toes but does not give proper response on my finger and in this
period i need to stop drinking as well as i drink bitroot and carrot juice and 4 tulsi leaves everyday but i need fast
and permanent medicine for this diseases.kindly help me with the best medicine.
sudesh  - white spots |2014-12-25
i do have small white patches on my skin like neck,finger and toes but if i take my medicine on a regular basis for one
and half month with having bit carrot juice and tulsi juice and this period i have to stop drinking as well as i have to
do daily exercise in this period but i need a permanent and fast result medicine.kindly help me with the proper
Sonu  - Lukaskin Ayurvedic medicine for vitiligo |2014-12-06
It was pain full knowing what u people r going through, one of my knwn person is also suffering from this ! I recently
came to know about ointment and syrup developed by DRDO named as LUKOSKIN. For vitiligo we have recently start using
same As this is Ayurvedic there is less possibility of side affect. will update u I
As and when things progress .
suraj  - white patches on my leg |2014-10-05
namashkar babaji,i am suffring from white patches six months ago.patches my
leg .pleasei am so stress and
give me some ayurvid treatment .thanks
geet rawat  - safeef daag |2014-08-18
Sir i am suffering from safeed daag.. Mujhe ye last 12 years se h.. Mera ayurvedic treatment b chalra h last 1 year se..
But sir purane daag sahi nahi hore h and naye daag sahi to ho jate h but kuch time baad fir dikh jate h.. Mere legs n
stomach and halke- halke hath mei bhi hai.. Sir please do tell the treatment..
ravi  - diet chart for redusing white spot |2014-08-18
sir please sugges me dite chart for redusing white spots from body
piyali  - Das |2014-08-11
Many white patches in my neck to abdomen since 2 months. how can i remove it?
asr  - multiple small white spots on body |2014-07-31
Sir iam having multiple small whiite spots on the body from neck to stomatch from 4 years and how to cure them please
say the solution
Thanks in advance.
RAHUL  - CHOWDHURY |2014-07-30
Hello friend! I am Rahul i have been also suffering with safed daag for last 4 years.i have consulted with these spots are slowly geting backs to my body colour.i advice pls follow homeopathy.donts loose hope.
vittal  - treatment for wite patches |2014-07-18
i have wite patches since 2005 on foot, eyes, arms and lips. SO tel me what will i do....
shiv  - melgain lotio |2014-07-15
i am suffering from vitiligo on lips plz tel me ki yae thk kase hoga manae dr ko dikhaya h us nae melgain lotio diya h
us sae frk padega kya....??
SONY  - LEUCODERMA |2014-06-27
kiran  - on foot figure white patch |2014-02-23
making it been crosed to nales leg fingure
deepu (manish)  - safed dag ke upchar lene hetu... |2013-12-25
namskaat sir ,
muje pichle 8- 10 saal pahle anguthe pe ye dag hua tha tb mene bavchi ke beej ko pees kar gomutra ke saat
milaakar lgaya tha tb ye thik hogya tha parantu ab ye dag phir se anguthe ke saat saat kuch angulio pr bhi ho raha he,
to sir me ab kya kru ? krapya muje iska upchar btae.....
suman  - white patch |2013-11-11
hi i am suffering 9 years old now my age 28 years getting too much treatment if curable then suggest me
Tara  - successful treatment for vitiligo |2013-10-22
This is the best treatment.It has worked for many people.It works for the lips as well as any part of the body.You will
find the link at cure vitiligo.I know how people treat vitiligo patients.Go for it.There is no need to suffer anymore.
dablu kumar  - leg white sport |2013-10-09
namaste sir ji main bahut hi paresane se gujar raha hu mera white sport ho raha hai pls tretmet bataye avi start hi ho
raha hai pls sir aur kya khaye aur nhi...........
DD  - Vitiligo |2013-09-22
Hello friends...I had a small white patch on my lips corner exactly.And I just had a small operation named SUCTION
frnds now technology has improved much dan before .So I just suggest dat dose who have stable
vitiligo should contact to doctor...Actually I am from Odisha I am giving some curable centers as ..
Hospital in cuttack
-And a very famous doc perticularly named Bikas ranjan kar in sum hospital,bbsr..
-d small kids
having vitiligo will definitely curable in Unani hopital situated in all states.

I will be happy if somebody get
benifit from my information.thank u forum
pawan  - lips vitiligo |2013-08-30
Namste baba ji
Mujhe lips par vitiligo hain. 2 saal se
2 saal pehle mujhe eczema tha ushke baad se lips par white spot
aana laga pehle to maine dhyan nhi diya. Jab dhire dhire badne laga to maine dr.ko dikha ya to unhone bataya vitiligo
Mera contect no 08###773123 hain lpz. sahi ilaj ho to jarur bataye
gudiya  - white spots |2013-08-23
meri ek 8 months ki beti hai uske forehead pe kuch white spots ho gaye hai kya yeh remove ho sakte hai aur fir future me
to doubara nai honge na ple told me soon

sukanya rao  - white patches on face |2013-08-20
Dear Sir,
I have white patches only my face since 12 year pls give me the solution of this problum

Sukanya rao
Mani  - Safed Daag |2013-08-19
Dear Sir,

Mere right leg bilkul niche feet par white daag hain aur woh khatam bhi nahi ho raha. may koi elaaj bhi nahi
kar raha eska...Meri madad karien jisse ke ye permanent khatam ho jaye............
chandra bhushan  - some white patches on the neck |2013-07-28
sir about eight months before, growth some small white patches on the neck and take homeopathy medicine then cure it but
regrowth it pls suggest me some remeddies.
chunu  - Small white Spot on Hand |2013-07-15
DEar Sir

I am having small white spot on hand, i went to doctor today, he said that those spot are not leukoderma, & he
had given me Melgain Lotion, when i searched this medicine onwebsite, the site was showing this medicine is for
leukoderma, i am very worried pls i need us help
sandeep  - safed daag |2013-07-13
Meri bahan ke leg me 1-2 mahine se 2-3 safed daag dikhai pad rahe ha. Please koi ilaj bataye. Aur ye bhi batye ki ye
thik ho sakta hai nhi.
MILIND  - white patches |2013-07-09
i am suffering from white patches from last 15 yrs they are on my lips, fingers and on my foot finger pls suggest
some remedy for it i will be very than thankfull to you
Gudhiya  - Ms |2013-07-02
Babaji Namshkar, I am suffering from Vitiligo from last 2 yrs. It started with a very small spot 1*1 mm in the joining
portion of thumb and index finger. I started homeopathy treatment after that. But it started going rapidly after the
first month treatment. I stopped the treatment after 2nd month. It was still spreading then got several (20) small spots
(3-4 mm) in hands and feet. I started Allopathic treatment for it from last more than 1.5 year. It is reducing but rate
is really slow. Also, I am facing lot of health problems due to these medicine. Please suggest medication for the same.
Chary  - White Patches |2013-06-24
Namashkaar babaji.

i am an employee in private firm at Hyderabad. i am suffering with white patches its occured in my
legs from toe to knees and in hands, (in palms @ fingers).. its incresaing fastly .. babaji can u guide me which
treatment and preacautions should i take..

shiv  - geriforte n placentrex gel cures vitiligo |2013-06-06
himalaya geriforte tablets, morning 2 n night 2... Apply placentrex gel ointment on affected part and expose to sun for
half an hour before 8 am.. This definitely works... If u hav any questions.. Contact me at 99###78321.. Its a india
num... Karnataka
nitin  - white sport |2013-06-03
Hiii i am nitin from rajasthan

Sir i have so big problem in my life
i have white sport since 10 year on my face , I
have to tryed lot of medicine but i dnt got any good result , i am very dipress in my life , i thing my life is totaly
spoil ,, i never go anywhere from my home ,, becouse when i go anywhere from my home all freinds relative ask me all
thing and ping me agein and agein its very hurting me , I dnt have money for any treatment ,, its very harmful for me ,
i am very dipress since 10 year ,cantinue daily i crying on the mirrer and front of god , And i allways thought that i
ll kill my self ,, wat i do

pls if u have any free treatment for me then tell me pls my no is 08###584552
rizwan  - light white spots |2012-09-24
dear babaji, salam o alaikum,
i have 10 years son he have light spots on legs and one in neck first on eye but using
medicine it gone polease tell me what to do
uma  - white patches on skin |2012-09-11
Namaskar baba ji.mai 25 saal ki hun.jab mai kareeb10 saal ki thi tab safed daag mere scalp me tha'tab maine melanocyl
ointment aur medicine li' 8 saal mera safed dag bilkul theek ho gaya tha.phir maine dava band kardi.par kuch
maheeno me daag mere fingers aur gupt ango par b shuru ho gaya.teji se fail raha hai.maine 7 saalo se koi treatment nahi
liya hai.meri shadi ki baat chal rahi hai aur unko is safed dag ke bare me maalum nahi hai.plz muje iska permanent ilaj
batayen.mai bhaut depressed hun.kisi cheez me dil nahi lagta.
ataurrehman  - white patchs |2012-09-01
i am suffering from white patches since 12yrs it's spreading slowly for every year small increment in it plz tell me how
to cure it........
SHIVA  - searching suitable life partner |2012-08-29

This is shvaji garg currently working as PO in SBI. I m suffering from Vitiligo since last 22 years and m
searching fr suitable life partner. it doesnt matter to me whether the girl is havng vitiligo or not. Caste no

shivaji garg
Appy  - white patches in initial stage |2012-08-29
please tell me..... is their any treatment for permanently cure this disease, my brother of age 13 years he had a small
white spot on his lips and doctor told that is a white patch.... so please tell me how to cure this disease permanently
and tell how to avoid spreading of this to any other parts of his body.... waiting for your reply please reply me as
soon as possible... i am waiting
raja  - viltiligo problem |2012-08-11
hi one an all .... i really don't know about diets i am suffering in this problem for more than ten years .... i even
don't know which i should take pls i beg u all to guide me in proper way ,....
Shiela Joy Dimaala  - vitiligo problem |2012-08-09
i am suffering white patches in my 2 feet now there is a white patches in my legs small dot spreading all
parts of my body im too look ugly sometimes if eat oily food it itchy, what kind of medication i will take thank yoiu
n.indira  - white pigmentation on lips |2012-08-01
i had white pigmentation from 14yrs,now it is spreading out and getting itching pls gv suggestions for
this problem....
s.latha  - lips whit patches |2012-07-18
sir I am taking medicines 2 years. no improvement. really i worried................please advised doctor.
Fatima  - White patches for 4 months |2012-07-18
I've been having white patches on my skin for about 4 months now, im 12, it's on my eyelid both of my knees, my middle
finger, and thumb. I don't notice that they have been getting any bigger. My mom is switching me to her medical
insurance so I can go see a dermatologist and get laser surgery for it. I really hope it works!
gaurav  - best medice for vitiligo |2012-07-17
Lukoskin by Drdo is so far the best medice to cure vitiligo ... Google it

For safe and fast result consult the doctor
of aimil pharmacueticals who made this medicine with drdo india....

Take contact no from thier site ,clinic is in patel
nagar delhi india

I reffer this medicine to many people n you know wat new white patches are stopped and old once are
disapering at a very fast rate ...

Medicine is some what about 550 rs
Believe me guys i know how bad it feels when
people ingore vitiligo patients so my advice is go for it
ashish kumar  - leucoderma |2012-07-09
dear siir

as i m patientof leucoderma for 5 yeares i take a lot of precausion but could not get rid of
this this i m worried because i m going to get marraige

pl show ma right path show that i can get rid of this
Aswini  - white patches |2012-06-25
Pranam babaji,
my Brother in law suffering from the same big white patches in face, body. since 8 years .2 year before
he use alopathic medicines with gau Mutra treatment, but no changes seems he leaves in Uttarkashi at Dehradun state so
please advise us for nearest treatment and your blessing on be half.
. What should we do now... Reply must
apple  - vitiligo |2012-05-28
hai sir.......i am 20years old....i used 2 luk good......but since 1 year m suffering from vitiligo white patches
occured on my neck,hands,feet,legs,backside of ear and small patch in can i cure it...m very
tensed...........due 2 this my father is planning 2 do marriage as early as possible...........but i dnt want 2 marry
till 23 years...............wat shuld i do..............m very very tensed..........give me a best suggestion......m
under treatment since 1 year.........but no improvement i started spreading...plz give me a nice remedy for dis dirty
disease i hate vitiligo
huma  - vitiligo |2012-05-27
To: dr***ytra@gmail.comDear Doctor
My name is Huma, aged 20 and live in East Africa, Kampala.
i have got a skin
problem which bothers and embarrases me alot
i got your id from some magazine. i have vitiligo, also known as
leucoderma in various areas of my body. onmy feet, hands, eye lids, abit around the lips and little on the nose.
it all
began when i was 12 years old and i am dis hearted now. i have tried home remedies and homeopathic medicines also but
non showed results. the white patches just keep on increasing with my age.
kindly help me with something that i can do
to get rid of this.
a positive response will be highly appreciated.
thanking you
mithlesh sharma  - leucoderma |2012-05-24
sir i m suffering from leucoderma since 15 years. It is on my lips , small patches on hand finger tip and also on bottom
of leg. But it is stable. I m taking medine from d day d patches appears. Homeopath and ayurvedic medicine ,i have done
4 long time but there is no improvement. Plz give me suggestions 4 remedies of leucoderma
anu  - vitiligo |2012-05-15
i am also a vitiligo patient. I want to share my experience to all of you. I am suffering frm vitiligo from last
20 years. I have taken lots of medicine but i didnt got any progress .But in 2008 when i have startd medicine from a
docter named dr. shivayogi in bangalore, i improved my vitiligo. when i have startd my treatment der, i had white
patches is in my whole face and approx 50% of my body. My vitiligo was unstable and it was increasing very rapidly.
Within 2 month i got cured in my face part except lips. now my vitiligo is stable. I am confident nw. According to me
few tips are there to feel confident and to get cure VITILIGO are:

1. Do yoga daily if possible. It will help you a lot
in improvement of vitiligo and to come out from depression and stess.

2. Try to avoid stress as possible as. As i feel
due to stress vitiligo spread very rapidly.

3. Always apply sunscream in exposed area before going out in daytime.
Because of harmful rays of sun vitiligo spread very rapid. you can use any sunscream. i am using suncros aquagel.

Eat one apple daily if possible or eat one onion daily as onion is a good antioxident.

5. Take a multivitamin/ omega 3
fatty acid tablet daily.

6. Avoid from these things milk products, like curd, tea, coffee, ghee, mango and other sweet
frout, ice cream, cold drink, eggs and fish.Avoid red chilli, dry fruit such as cashue, pista, mango.

7. Have wheat
germ daily. try t...
Sushil singh  - VTILIGO |2012-05-11
I have small Spot on my cheek and spot on my lips and nose too..........its been five months i am suffering from
this....kindly give proper medicine for this...

sushil singh
lakshmi  - cure vitiligo |2012-05-03
I am suffering from vitiligo from past 1 month. I am applying melgain to those white patches. Its regaining the colour,
but problem is these white patches are appearing in other places also like face, stomach.

Its eating my life.
I m
going marry with in 2 months.
I afraid of it very much.
If anyone comes to known, then marriage may cancell. Please
tell me some remedy and help me to get rid of these diease.

I am eagerly waiting for your reply.

pinky malakat  - white patches. |2012-04-27
hello sir,
im 24 years old im suffering form this white patches disease abth 10years plz sir help me to resolved this
problem from my life.
it is on my eyes.
Divya iyer  - vitltiligo problem |2012-04-21
hey i m suffering with this white spots problem from past 10 yrs.....
tried a lot to get rid of it please help
i dnt knw nw wat to do........
Arvind Kumar  - White Spot |2012-03-30

I am suffering with white spots from last 20 years. After taking various treatment i have not any benifites in my
white spots. Sir please suggest me tratment and daily food and fruits which i take and which is help me cure the white
bablu  - white patches 7 year old girl |2012-03-29
my one relative have 7 year old girl she is suffring from white patches,i discuss about the white patches
to many alopaithic doctors they ate telling have the medicine for cure but when she left the madicin the white patches
appering after 1month.pls suggest me is there any cure medicine for that deasrs.
Also i talk with homeopath doctors
they are telling me they have cure can i belive on any man perfect result still from homeopath pls
give me wright suggesstion.
Narasimha  - vitiligo problem |2012-02-26
Hi sir,
I have white patches problem from 10 years and last 5 yrs on words it shows on my face and previous on my
can u plz let me know how to avoid it .
santoshrao  - white patch on lips problem |2012-01-25
from last 4 years i m suffering from white patches problem on my lips but they are not spreading , i have shown
this to many doctors but didn't effect, so plz suggest any medicine.....
Lakshmi  - White pathches on the skin |2011-11-08
Respected Sir,
My husband is suffering white skin problem for past 5 years. It is acureable Disease sir.
Please give
me ur suggesstion for this sir?
He is feel very uncomportable sir.
praveen raj  - vitiligo |2011-10-10
my friend has some white spots under necks,shoulders and chest after taking some medicine it gets reduced but once again
it appears in small spots..what food item he can prefer can he drink cold water
sar  - Mr. |2011-09-30
suffer from white patches below the stomach,what is the medicine for the disease?
Rajesh  - vitiligo |2011-09-12
last 15 years, suffer from white patches on leg ,stomach,hand.i tried several type of
medicene(allopathy,homeopathy,ayurvedic) but not 100% cure,pls u suggest
manoj kaushik  - white spot |2011-09-03
nemsta guruji me white spot ki dewai to ker reha hu kirpya kerka ne kya kya nai khau muje betaye thanks
ponnu  - viligo |2011-08-12
haiiii i have got this just started 4 months ago.i am a 14 yr old child. there is judt 5-6 patches.
it is
sperading what should i doooo
gurdeep singh  - to cure vitligo |2011-08-11
need help for vitligo
candice |2011-07-23
hi my name is candice.. i have had vitiligo for 15 years and its only on one side of my body,my leg and ankle do you
think it will spread in time..?? please i need some me understand more about what could happen..
ratan sanjay  - white patches |2011-07-13
guruji namashkar mujhe white patches 10 sall say hai kripa kar k mujhe kuch iielach baataeeya
swatichandak  - skin problem |2011-07-12
swatichandak  - white spots on skin |2011-07-12
dear sir,
my brother k 2year s white spots h wo badtay ja r h h .please treatment bataey.
ankita deore  - burn viltiligo |2011-07-10
sir,my leg was burn b4 4 years ago by very hot water.and because of that place takes place of white spots please
suggest me sollution on much time it ll take too recover?plz reply
Ranjan  - Vitiligo |2011-04-30
Pranam baba, Before nine years i had a small white patches below my lower lip. From two month before it started increase
& other place of my body small patches built. I use alopathic medicine & doing yoga & pranayama from last one month. The
lips patches looking cureable but other patches unchanged. What i do now... Reply must baba,pranam...
Tamim  - White spots |2011-03-29
I m suffering from white spots for last 7-8 years.It just looks ugly.There is no other side effect.Sometimes it
seems to me that,I dont get enough response from the affected portion than the unaffected portion.It spreads a lot in my
body like in my hand,belly,back,shoulder,neck,and the lower portin of my waist including waist. I took a lot of medicine
but no result.For the last 1year I am not taking any medicine.Now what should I do?
saumitra mukherjee  - white patches |2011-02-24
i am now 21 yrs old.when i was about 7 yrs i fell from my cycle.At that time i used to eat egg,milk,lemon ...and my
effected portion such as knee,elbow.. are filled with white paches.Still now they are in the sames place and spreading
little bit in left leg but also getting black spots in the other leg(effected portion).now i eat its the same
as above.I HAVE VERY LITTLE SENCE IN THE AFFECTED AREA, ie if i pinch it i fell less pain than the normal area.
nandini.n  - sir |2011-02-01
im suffering from white patch since from 6 years i took english medicine it went again its appearing now its becoming
more now im going for ayurvedic medicine is their any problem
lucky mallik  - white patches |2011-01-04
namashkar babaji,i am suffring from white patches one months ago.patches my leg,lips and face.pleasei am so stress and
tense.please give me some yago treatment .thanks
Eram  - Vitiligo/White Patches |2010-09-23
I m 26 yrs old lady i m suferring from white patches frm last 3month i have started the treatment frm last 2 days. it
will go or not i m very tens abt it.plz priscribe me a good home made remedy to cure it.................
waiting for ur
positive reply
Aman  - witch patch |2010-08-14
i am 21years, at my mouth have a two smoll wite patch, i have try so much medicine but wite patch didnt ok..So plz
Advice Me what shoule i do...?
Milind Bhojane  - Regarding white paches on my skin. |2010-03-03
Respected sir,
I am treating myself with various medicine for white patches but it doesn't work, i am
having this problem since 10 yrs of age now i am 31 yrs old and it appears on my lips, finger tips and on my legs
fingers pls suggest me the ayurvedic medicine as soon as possible.
thanking you.......
chetana  - white patches |2010-02-20
my mother is taking medicine from ur kendra for white patches from last one month. Now a days white patch is
turning to pink colour. what kind of sign it is? shall she continue the medicine or not please inform us.
hsingh  - vitilogy |2009-12-09
baba ji,
i am taking medecine from your kendra.
babji 3 sal se treatment kra rahe hai but faida nahi hua. One
place it will be little cured tab tak dusra spot dekh jat hai. koe upaye bataye.
Dr@myyog  - sure cure for leucoderma |2009-12-09
Hello hsingh

We recommend you to review your medicines. For best results we recommend you to start with a regular
course of full link: ucoderma-Sveta
-Kustha.html for complete treatment of vitiligo. This package consists Ayurvedic medicines specialized for the
treatment of your skin problems and white patches. Take good homemade diet. Increase water intake. Keep your course
regular for three to four months for best results.

dr. rangaswamy |2009-10-19
sir,i have vitiligo patch on my lips since 1 year , pink in colour .at angle of mouth.kindly give information how ng
m.panda  - Vitiligo treatment |2009-10-08
Dear Sir,

Good Morning...

One of my cousins (6 years old girl name Antarikhya) is suffering from vitiligo. It
started 2-3 months back, small patches developing in knees and in few other joints.

We are giving melgain lotion as
of now. pigmentation is happening after using melgain lotion after one months but new patches are developing in other

I hope in yoga and ayurvedic medicines that vitiligo could be cured.

Could you please provide few
guidance’s for the vitiligo treatment (Yoga and medicines), So that we can go for the same

Here is the patient

1. She is six (6) years old kid. Is there any side effect in vitiligo treatment in ayurvedic medicines and
yoga as she is a kid?
2. Her father is having vitiligo in 60% of the body.
3. As the patient is staying in Orissa. It
would be good if she can be treated near to Orissa. Please let me know the nearest branch near to Orissa, So that she
can go and have treatment.

Please provide the suggestions for this skin disease.

I am waiting for your valuable
suggestions. Thank you.

Thanks & Regards,
tanweer  - white spot |2009-08-15
namaskaar babaji im suffring from vitiligo.pls tell me know its remedy i have white spot on nack 2 3 spot in boady
please tell me main kiya karun mari umer 29 years hain yeh 5 sal se hai treatment kraya tha but faida nahi hua
venu gopal  - vitiligo |2009-07-07
Namashkaar Babaji

My daughter is suffering with vitiligo since from the age of 4 yrs, she is 8 years old now, we have
tried unani, homeopathy and ayurvedic medicine but we didnt find result. She is not used to pranayam also. please
advise us.
YogaGuru  - RE : Vitiligo |2009-07-05
Do pranayama daily for at least half an hour early in the morning.

Below is the link for the medicine for

link: ucoderma-Sveta
yogender sharma  - viltiligo problem |2009-07-04
namashkaar babaji I am an engineering student.I am suffering from vitiligo.plz let me know its remedy.I have white
patches on my legs.
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White patches/Vitiligo Patients

age 40 yr. i am suffering from vitiligo since 8 yr on neck fingers, elbow
I having vitiligo since from 15 years and also diabetes
46 year. Vitiligo. Ht-165cm Wt-60kg. Non Veg. No addiction. No Sugar. No BP.
Esteemed Sir, I express my heart felt respect for you. God have bestowed the human in running the day to day life. The hands of God have been shared with some eminent personalities. I have found one in you. May i beg your pardon to share your timings. I am a diagnosed Vitiligo (Leucoderma) patient. In these days i have passed through a medicated life. Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic, Allopathic and other Herbal medicines have been used under strict supervision of the Specialists. In all the times the medicines responded for the disease and cured to some extent. But i could not find it moving to cure in total. Now no medicine is used at present. In this regard i expect your benevolent suggestion. I have heard and attended your programmed in Astha Channel with much interest. Would your like to suggest further advice such that i can get the benefit of cure by your grace. Name: Barsa Rani Mahapatro Age: 25 Sex: Female Status: Unmarried Tenure: 09 years Surface: Plane Spots: Over the body especially on back side of the palm, foot & ankles, over the eye lips, inner ears & over thighs.
Dr. I am suffering from vitiligo last 15 yrs. In the initial stage I had taken allopathic medicine and there was results. But suddenly past 4-5 yrs. It has increased. Now I am 38 yrs. of age. But still my vitiligo is not cured. Is there any cure in ayurvedic. Because i had taken ayurveda medicine, for sometime i found relief then again vitiligo provokes. Please dr. do advise me is there any cure in ayurveda, will pranayam help me to cure vitiligo.? Further at present I am facing problem of drandruff and greying of hair, which has started recently.what should i do? Because of vitiligo problem i am not married. I am really worried. Please advise.
i am an MCA student,im from a middle class family n m very tensed bout vitiligo its spreadng like hell..dont know wat to do..

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