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Divya Medohar vati
Best Useful in Weight Loss. Useful in obesity & also in Hyperlipidemia. It first removes disorders of the digestive system & then reduces the extra..

Divya Kesh Kanti Shampoo (10 Bottles)
Herbal Hair cleanser & Shampoo useful in Dryness & Roughness of hair & also control hair..

Divya Trikuta Churna(for Asthma & Cough)
Best Useful in Asthma & is a good appetizer & supports in cough & cold, Best for Indigestion problem. Very good tonic in Ayurveda for Respiratory..

Divya Chatpata Amla Candy
Help in regeneration of tissue. Strengthens the teeth & bones. Give nutrition to brain & helps in good eye sight. Helps to increase blood..

Divya Drishti / Netra Jyoti
Eye Drops for any kind of eye problem even including cataract & glaucoma. Good for persons wearing..

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Swami Ramdev Medicines

Swami Ramdev medicinal packages  for diseases

Mentioned below are the Herbal and Ayurvedic packages prepared under guidance of Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna by Divya phamarcy. These Herbal and Ayurvedic packages consists of varsious alternative medicines to cure diseases and health benefits. 

  1. Medicines for Acidity & Hyper Acidity
  2. Medicines for Adenitis of Big Size
  3. Medicines for AMA(Toxic Byproduct), Sprue Syndrome & Diarrhoea                   
  4. Medicines for Cancer(Karkatarbuda)                       
  5. Medicines for Cataract & Glaucoma                        
  6. Medicines for Chronic Renal Failure                      
  7. Medicines for Cirrhosis of Liver                 
  8. Medicines for Constipation                       
  9. Medicines for Coronary Artery Disease                    
  10. Medicines for Diabetes Mellitus(Madhumeha)                       
  11. Medicines for Epilepsy (Apasmara)                        
  12. Medicines for Fibroid Uterus(Garbhasayarbuda)                    
  13. Medicines for Gastric Trouble & Fltulence                        
  14. Medicines for Hepatitis A, B, C (Yakrt-Sotha)                    
  15. Medicines for Hernia(Antra-Vrddhi)                       
  16. Medicines for High Blood Pressure                        
  17. Medicines for Infertility(Bandhyatva)                    
  18. Medicines for Joint Pain, Gout, Knee Pain etc.                   
  19. Medicines for Leucoderma (Sveta Kustha)                  
  20. Medicines for Menorrhagia (Heavy Menstruation) & Amenorrhoea(Less                        
  21. Medicines for Mental Retardation & Mongoloid Children                    
  22. Medicines for Migraine, Chronic Headache & Depression                    
  23. Medicines for Multiple Sclerosis                 
  24. Medicines for Muscular Distrophy & Handicapped Childeren                 
  25. Medicines for Obesity
  26. Medicines for Obesity
  27. Medicines for Oligospermia & Other Genital Diseases                      
  28. Medicines for Osteoporosis (Asthi-Susirata)                      
  29. Medicines for Otorrhagia, Tympanitis & Deafness                  
  30. Medicines for Parkinsonism(Kampa-Vata)                   
  31. Medicines for Pimples (Yuvana Pidika)                    
  32. Medicines for Psoriasis & Eczema                 
  33. Medicines for Sciatica & Cervical Spondylists                    
  34. Medicines for Sinusitis, Asthma, Chronic Rhinitis & Coryza                       
  35. Medicines for Thalassemea                        
  36. Medicines for Tumour or Adenitis or any Growth of Body                   
  37. Medicines for Ulcerative Colitis

Swami Ramdev Bhasmas used in medicines

Bhasmas poduced by Swami Ramdev's Divya pharmacy are mainly useful metal extracts, beneficial for health. They can also be used for health supplements.

  1. Divya Abhrak Bhasm
  2. Divya Bang Bhasma
  3. Divya Godanti Bhasm
  4. Divya Hajrool-Yahood Bhasm
  5. Divya Heerak Bhasm
  6. Divya Kapardak Bhasm
  7. Divya Kasees Bhasm
  8. Divya Kulya Bhasm Mixture
  9. Divya Lauh Bhasm
  10. Divya Mandoor Bhasm
  11. Divya Mukta-shukti Bhasm
  12. Divya Rajat(silver) Bhasm
  13. Divya Shankh Bhasm
  14. Divya Shringa Bhasm
  15. Divya Sphatik Bhasm
  16. Divya Swarna-makshik Bhasm
  17. Divya Tamra Bhasm
  18. Divya Tankan Bhasm
  19. Divya Trivanga Bhasm

Swami Ramdev churnas (Powders)

Churna of baba ramdev are powders extracted from various herbs and medicinal plants, very useful for health.

  1. Divya Ajamodadi Choorna
  2. Divya Arjuna choorna
  3. Divya Ashwagandha Choorna(Powder)
  4. Divya Avipattikar Choorna
  5. Divya Awala Choorna
  6. Divya Bahera Choorna
  7. Divya Bavchi(Bakuchi) Choorna
  8. Divya Bilwadi Choorna
  9. Divya Choorna
  10. Divya Gangadhar Choorna
  11. Divya Gashar Choorna
  12. Divya Haritaki Choorna
  13. Divya Lavana-bhaskar choorna
  14. Divya Mulethi Choorna
  15. Divya Panchakol Choorna
  16. Divya Shatavari choorna
  17. Divya Sitopaladi choorna
  18. Divya Swadisht choorna
  19. Divya Trikuta Choorna(for Asthma & Cough)
  20. Divya Udarkalp choorna
  21. Divya Vatari Choorna   

Swami Ramdev Ras (Essence)

These are purified essences.

  1. Divya Amavatari Ras
  2. Divya Amrit Rasayan
  3. Divya Ashmarihar Ras
  4. Divya Brihad Vata-chintamani ras
  5. Divya Ekangveer Ras
  6. Divya Kamadudha rasa
  7. Divya Kumar kalyan ras
  8. Divya Laxmi vilas ras
  9. Divya Mahavat Vidhwansan Ras
  10. Divya ras manikya
  11. Divya Rasraj Ras
  12. Divya Swasari ras
  13. Divya Tribhuvan Kirti Ras
  14. Divya vasant Kusumakar Ras
  15. Divya Yogendra Ras 

Swami Ramdev's Guggulu (Resin)

Swami ramdev's divya pharmacy produce various types of guggulu, which is extracted from a tree in for of glue.

  1. Divya Gokshuradi Guggulu
  2. Divya Kaishor Guggulu
  3. Divya Kanchanar Guggulu
  4. Divya Lakshadi Guggulu
  5. Divya MahaYograj Guggulu
  6. Divya Saptavimshati Guggulu
  7. Divya Singhnad Guggulu
  8. Divya Trayodashang Guggulu
  9. Divya Triphala Guggulu
  10. Divya Yograj Guggulu   

Swami Ramdev's Vati (Tablets)

Vati produced by Swami Ramdev's divya pharmacy comes in the form of Tablets and highly effective for various health ailments.

  1. Divya Arogyawardhini Vati
  2. Divya Arshkalp Vati
  3. Divya Chandraprabha Vati
  4. Divya Chitrakadi vati
  5. Divya Giloy Vati                  
  6. Divya Harar Vati
  7. Divya Hridyamrit Vati
  8. Divya Kayakalp Vati
  9. Divya Khadiradi Vati
  10. Divya Kutaj Ghan Vati
  11. Divya Lavangadi Vati
  12. Divya Madhu Kalp Vati
  13. Divya Madhunashini Vati
  14. Divya Medha Vati(Tablets)
  15. Divya Medohar vati
  16. Divya Mukta Vati                  
  17. Divya Nimb(Neem) Ghan vati
  18. Divya Pidantak Vati
  19. Divya Rajahpravartani vati
  20. Divya Sanjeevani Vati
  21. Divya Sarivadi Vati
  22. Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati
  23. Divya Stri Rasayan Vati
  24. Divya Tulsi Ghan Vati             
  25. Divya Udaramrit Vati
  26. Divya Vishtinduk Vati
  27. Divya Vriddhivaadhika Vati
  28. Divya Yauvanamrit Vati 

 Swami Ramdev's Kwath (Mixture)

Kwath is a mixture and mainly extracted from the medicinal plants.

  1. Divya Arjun Kvath 
  2. Divya Ashmarihar Kvath 
  3. Divya Dashmool Kvath 
  4. Divya Kayakalp Kvath 
  5. Divya Medha Kvath 
  6. Divya Mulethi Kvath 
  7. Divya Pidantak Kvath 
  8. Divya Sarvkalp Kvath 
  9. Divya Swasari Kvath 
  10. Divya Totla Kvath 

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hemant  - sinusitis ka ilaj |2016-04-13
Sir main 3-4 saal se sinusitis ka ilaj kara raha hu par ye thik nahi ho raha hay. Chehre ke left side tatha bayi aankh
ke upor sujan abhi bhi hay. Maine kai doctor ko dikhaya par sabhi kahte hay ki operation karna parega. Sir aapse request
hay please koi aisa upay bataye jisse ye bimari puri tarah thik ho jaye. Main aapka sada aabhari rahunga.
narender jindal 1634 sector 9 |2016-03-29
Suffering from post herpies nurologia for last 2 months I applied apple cider vinegar and got 50% relief I was advised
to apply tamanu oil and dugdh pashan bhasm but I could not find please advise
Pradeep H Kumbhare  - Slip disc |2016-01-21
I am suffering from slip disc. In MRI L4-L5 & L5-S1 protruding and compressing the nerve due to which I am getting
continuous pain in left leg from hip to foot. I am regularly using lumber belt but even that sometimes very difficult to
walk and even to stand.Doctor advise me for surgery but I want surgery free treatment please advice.
bunty  - hip joint loss |2015-12-08
Baba ji mera problem 2 sal ho gaya hai sidhey pair ke hip joint loss ho raha hai dr bolte hai isse steel ki roud lagani
padegi plz ap mujhe bataye me kya karu me operation nai karwana chahta so help thanks
Kuldeep  - Eacho in my left ear |2015-11-13
Guru ji Pranam
Guru ji mere left ear me ajeeb tarh ki awaj aati hai aur is kaan se Kam sunao deta hai.
Mera kaan bacpan me bahta tha jiski wajah se parade me check ho gaya tha aur iska mujhe operation kerwana Pada.
Doctors ko dikhaya toh bole tumhe koi paresaani nhi hai is per dhyan na do Guru ji me bahut paresaan Hu koi
upaye bataiye jisse meri ye problem door ho sake
vinod chahar  - HBA B27 |2015-10-04
बाबा जी मेरी कमर में दर्द पिछले 1महीने से ह | MRI
भी कराया सब ठीक ह |मेरी उम्र 38 साल ह | डॉक्टर ने
मुझे HBA B27 रोग होना बताया ह कृपया कोई आयुर्वेद
इलाज बताए|
maju sun |2015-08-30
hello sir me 35 years ka hun. mujhe 15 years pehle accident huwa or mera right hend elbow me ghao hugaya.mene iska
ilarge kiya to doctor ne kaha ki mujhe tubecular or herpes v hein.sir kiya me Ayurveda me I large korke thikhosakta hun.
abhilash  - venous |2015-07-08
baba ji meri umar 22 saal 8 saal pehle me chat se nicie kud gaya tha moch aur dard 1 maah me thik ho gaya tha par mere
leg ke niche pagtali me lal nishan rah gaya tha dard bilkul ni hota tha par 8 saal baad achanak pagtali me dard hone ga
jab me sokar uthta tab. Dhire-2 dard jyada hone laga aur meri pagtali me nase fulne lagi kabi ful jati h kabi thik ho
jati h kabi-2 dard bi karti h please mujhe koi upaay bataye
abhilash  - venous |2015-07-08
baba ji meri umar 22 saal 8 saal pehle me chat se nicie kud gaya tha moch aur dard 1 maah me thik ho gaya tha par mere
leg ke niche pagtali me lal nishan rah gaya tha dard bilkul ni hota tha par 8 saal baad achanak pagtali me dard hone ga
jab me sokar uthta tab. Dhire-2 dard jyada hone laga aur meri pagtali me nase fulne lagi kabi ful jati h kabi thik ho
jati h kabi-2 dard bi karti h please mujhe koi upaay bataye
abhilash  - venous |2015-07-08
baba ji meri umar 22 saal 8 saal pehle me chat se nicie kud gaya tha moch aur dard 1 maah me thik ho gaya tha par mere
leg ke niche pagtali me lal nishan rah gaya tha dard bilkul ni hota tha par 8 saal baad achanak pagtali me dard hone ga
jab me sokar uthta tab. Dhire-2 dard jyada hone laga aur meri pagtali me nase fulne lagi kabi ful jati h kabi thik ho
jati h kabi-2 dard bi karti h please mujhe koi upaay bataye
deepika  - consumption of mahayogiraj guggal in preagnancy |2015-03-31
guruji namaste
i m 30 years old n ihave primary complex of arthritis. so i am consuming some ayurvedic medicines
alongwith patanjali dashmularisht and mahayoiraj guggal. is it safe to consume in preagnancy
kamal  - baichaini and ghabrahat |2015-03-28
Namsakr baba g . Baba g meri problam hai ki mere haat pair garam ho jaate hai. Kamjori feel hoti hai. Raat ko need nahi
aati hai baicheni hoti hai. Doctor ko dikahya test bi karaye sab kuch sahi nikla. But problm jas ki tas bani hui hai me
kya karu
nites  - facing testicle problem |2015-03-27
Swami ji OM...
I am 24 year of age and i am facing testicle problem from nov 2014, my right side andkosh is became
large and it is increasing day by day ,so please advise me some kind of yogaasan and medicine also. Thank you
sarathy  - regarding nasal polyps |2015-01-31
dear sir, i am suffrering from nasal polyps from the past 12 years and i have been taken operation two times for polyps
but again it developed and i am unable to take breath properly as the two nostrils are blocked always
please given me a
permanent remedy or medicines so that i wont get polyps again
thanking you sir
appu  - haath ki andar jhilli phat gayi upar chota sa suja |2015-01-16
Haath mein 6 mahine pahle chot lag gaya tha x-ray report mein andar ki jhilli phati hai show ho raha hai , gaath ki
tarah chota sa uth gaya hai dard karta hai ,kehuni ke joint par problem hai koi upaay bataayein
singh  - damage of left hip |2014-12-18
Guru ji

I m 30 years old and my left hip is damaged by the arthritis.the doctor says that the transplant is the only
way and he also say that the transplant hip life only 10 years so pls tell us there is useful to me and the hip
treatment in yoga and ayurveda.
shabana  - slipped disc |2014-11-15
Guru Ji muje 6 month pehle slipped disc hua tha .medicine she dard kum to hua lekin mere dono legs me kamppan Jesi
mahsus hoti h .me exercises b krti hu.per Kamar me takat nahi feel hoti.plz help me.
DILIP  - Ankylosin Spondilites |2014-10-05
Dear Guruji
I am suffering from A.S. since 12 years. Please tell me if any medicine & Yog to cure this.
chinmoy  - goswami |2014-08-11
i have suffering vocal cord polyp in right side last 1 year treatment going homeopathy.please advice me .
RA  - aandkosh vridhi |2014-03-06
Swami ji..

Mere left side ke aandkosh bdha hua h...pta nhi ye sujan h ya kuch or..meri age 27 yrs h...n m unmarried
hu...plzzz iska treatment n yoga btaye...
Tanwar  - cyst in right testis and hydrocele |2014-02-26
hello sir
i am suffering from hydrocele and cyst in right testis from (last 4 month) plz help me sir plz my age is
one more quest. sir is any problem in my married life for thise plz reply sir plz help me and
Jorj  - Beard |2014-01-18
nmskar babaji i am Jorj 24 yr i want full beard on my face please suggest ayurvedic medicine, please ayurvedik medicine
name, send my mail id jo***
pooja  - sujan in vocal cord |2014-01-07
babaji mere vocal cord me sujan 3 months se sujan aa gayi he davaiya li par aaram nhi hua mene jab pehli bar kapalbhati
yog kiya tab se meri awaz bhoot kam nekalti he kya kpalbhati galat karne se ye hua he jese bhi hua ho baba ji btao me
kese thik houngi, han babaji me 3months pragnant bhi hun
meri age 24 year hai .mera weight 47kg hai.meri hight 170 cm hai. mujhe 4 saal se pilya
ho raha hai .body me weakness bahut jyada hai. mujhe nightfall ki problem bhi hai.piease meri madad kare jisse ki mai
rogmukt ho jau.aur mera weight bhi badh jaye.
jeet verma
asha devi  - asha devi |2013-09-03
guru ij namaskar

this problem is my mother
age -45

Swelling in the throat at the back of the head to come and be a
huge hydro power and its own Gut Kirpya medicine is outlined in Hindi
Datta  - Foot drop,asthma problem |2013-08-16
Pranam guruji,
meri age 24 year he.mera 5 saal pahele aciedent huwa tha,usme mere ghutne ko jor se chot lagi se
mere left leg foot drop he,mujhe chalne me bahot taklif hoti he.plese koi Aaurvedik upay bataye guruji.
aur mujhe
asthama ka bhi problem hota .kabhi kabhi sans leneme bahot taklif hoti he.pls guruji koi upay bataye.pls pls
avinash  - piles |2013-08-04
swami ji.

baba ji. mujhe piles hua hai 1montn ho gays hai .to isle bare me upay bataeye ki
puri tarah sahi ho jaye please give me best solution
Munish  - Knee and calf pain |2013-07-29
guru ji

i have knee and calf pain. plz suggest some medicine and yog exercise.
simmi  - Subserosal Fibroid |2013-07-25
Namaste Guru Ji,

Recently i have had a tubal pregnancy surgery and my dr. told me that i have a Subserosal Fibroid.
Please Please tell me if you have any medicine for that.

Thank u.
MURALI  - hla b27 |2013-07-01

suffer from hla b27 + by 5 years
severe neck pain,back pain,joint pains
pl sugess proper treatmeant and
MURALI  - severe pain |2013-07-01

i suffer from HLA B27 POSITIVE

Harshada  - Ayurvedic Medicine for Tinnitus and Endometriosis |2013-07-01
Namaste ,

please advice me the Ayurvedic medicine for treating Tinnitus and Endometriosis.

Thank you.
karan  - suffering from hydrocele |2013-06-28
i m 18yrs old and i m suffering from hydrocele from past 4 yrs....i want a treatment for there any
permanent and assured cure of hyrocele with u.....plese let me know...
thank you
RISHABH Jain  - HLA27 POSITIVE |2013-06-27
Dear BaBA JI,
Iam facing problem of spondilytus. HLA B 27 test found +ve (Age 31).i have back pain. Pls give
arun  - pancreatitis |2013-06-27
i have problem of acute chronic pancreatitis . what is the aurvadik treatment of thsi deasese
paresh  - decrease in platelet count |2013-06-26
my dad is suffering with the problem of
decrease in platelet count. When we consulted the doctor all tests were normal n
ws told dat it ws ideopathic. Please suggest treatment for this.
satish girdhar  - deafness |2013-06-22
i m 42 year old and suffring from mixed hearing loss and tinnitues too. can sariwadi wati helps me to improve my hearing
tillu  - constipation |2013-06-18
pranam baba ji

i had been suffering from constipation since 2 and 1\2 years
hard stool is forming unable to pass
for 3-4 days
Aman Sharma  - semen lekage |2013-06-12

i am 28 year unmarried boy, for the past one i have been sufferring from this disease i.e. semen lekage in urine
and also when i do my penis get little tight. please help me. i M upset
pankaj  - side effects of mukta vati - heart blockage |2013-06-12
Swami ji Pranam,

My mom was on BP meication since last one year. I started giving her mukta vati. one before dinner
recently( one week) . On the 8-9 day, she suffered from bradycardia (severely low pulse 50-52 per minute) due to
blockage in her heart early morning. Now what to do. Though your mukta vati, as told by you doesnt have any side
effects. Then what was this? Probably mukta vati relaxed her veins and arteries and the cholestrol / fat in the
arteries got the way into her heart. Now what to give her so that her heart rate becomes normal again. can her heart
rate rise again to 70-75 which dropped 2 days ago? Please help
smita  - hemophillia |2013-05-31
my 2 yrs baby boy is having hemophilia A . Is there any Ayurvedic upchar for this desease.
kash  - Pls help |2013-05-22

I'm 37 year old and been married pass 4 years not been bless with baby, I have family history of Diabetics, my
sugar are not stable it's spiking high up to 20 and down 8.2 in fasting result.

I'm consuming mertformin 500 g x 2
tablet per day morning and night.

Recently i experiencing my sexual related problem.

Is there treatment able to cure
diabetic ...
raj |2012-09-30
Please suugest me medicine for hydrocoelic enlargement. Right testicle is enlarged. Besides,there is also swelling in
inguinal gland but no pain.
Bharat  - Hla b27 positive |2012-09-25
My name is bharat and i am 22,i am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis for 5 yrs.both crp and hla b27 are
For that i am taking measalamine pallets elmes sachets,cap.indocap,tab.saaz ds regularly.
A.s. Gives pain in
back,neck is often stiffed,joint pain is also there,shoulder also pain.
What yogic practices and ayurvedic medicines do
you sugges?
vipin kumar  - about best treatmeant |2012-09-25
dear sir,
sadar pranam

i am thirty years old i am suffering from allergic rhinitis , postnasal drip and
sinusitis is there any treatmeant in your hospital please reply soon thankyou.
Ankit  - Kapne ki dava.a.a |2012-07-28
Sir meri umar 20 sal hai mere kutch mahino se hath kampne lg pare.e hai pls sir mujhe iski davai k bre mai btao.
K BAKA SUBRAHMANYAM  - vocal card problem |2012-06-23
after endoscopy, the doctor infomed me that a small polyp in vocal card and suggested for removal through
kindly give me advice on surgery and any ayuvedic medicines for the above problem.
Abhishek  - i want full beard on my face please suggest medici |2012-06-18
namskar babaji i am abhishek 25 yr i want full beard on my face please suggest ayurvedic medicine
za khan  - semen leakage |2012-03-11
dear swami ji. My son is 13 . I have noticed that he is having very frequent problem of semen leakage during
sleep in night . pl. suggest your medicine
anand  - hydroclele |2012-03-02
I have swelling in my right testicle ...I had undergone hydrocle operation one year back but the swelling is still there, at present I don't have have faith on surgical treatment of the same ...plz suggest me some ayurvedic remedies
and any yoga if fruitful ...
I have one more question ...does masturbation causes any porblem like hydrocle or anything
or it is just as natural as sex ?? ....does masturbation has any wrong effect??
nirmal  - secrecy in left brest |2012-02-29
ramesh kumar  - hydrocele problem |2012-02-24
pranam babaji
meri umra 24 saal hai jab mai khada rhta hu der tak to mere hydrocele me sujan aa jati hai aur tez dard
hone lagta hai aur baith jane pe normal ho jata hai.scrotum ka ultrasound karbaya report normal aaya.allopathic dawa kha
raha hu lekin mera problem me koi sudhar nahi hai
vinit  - sperm |2012-02-24
namestey baba ji
meri sadi ko 4 saal ho gaye h
pr bachha nhi h
mere sperm count 10 million h
jinme 10%active h.
koi achhi si medician bataye .
thank you
nagesh  - treatment for swelling of left side of hydrocel |2012-02-22
Babaji Pranam,
mere age abhi 25 hai mere dayi side ki andkosh jo nadi usme bhot dard hota hai to phir apne ap pet me bhi
dard hone lagta aur phir dono andkosh me dard hota hai
babaji upay batayiye
sweety  - about irregular periods |2012-02-21
guru ji ma 28yrs ki hu meri shadi ko 10 mahine ho gaye ha. ma bohat pareshan hu pichle teen mahine se muje periods time
se nhi aa rhe. dr. ke dawara 5 days ki dawa khane par hi periods aate concive bhi karna chahti hu ab. ma kya karu
aap hi advice dijiye ab.
Leegeo George  - how to attain more height |2012-02-13
dear baba,
i am a 23 years old man i would like you to advice me if there is any was possible for me to attain more
height now, if there is a way i would like to know.
Leegeo George
reena ahirwar  - Carvaical pen |2012-02-03
praman babaji

mai reena jabalpur mp se age 28 unmerid mujhe eglish nhi aati isliye apse hindi me bat kar rhi
hu mai pichhle 7 saal se carvaical pain se pidit hu mai computer opeater hu mene jabalpur ke bade bade dr ko dikhya
unhone jo test karne ko kahe blood test exay mri me kuchh nhi nikla dr ke b samjh me nhi aa rha ki aakhir dard q ho rha
h mujhe bahut jyada dard ho hota sochti mar jau dard ke karn mujhe marne ke siva kuchh dikhta hi nhi h mai abhut jyada
pareshan ho babaji pls meri help kjiye mai ab aese mar mar ki ab nhi ji sakti kya mai kabhi natmal nhi ho paungi pls
madad kijiye
Sumit Yadav  - premature ejaculation & nightfall |2012-01-29
Pranam Babajee
Meri umra 20 saal hai karib 2-3 saal se premature ejaculation ki samasya se
pareshan hoon jisse ki mujhe
badi sarmindagi hoti aur mera vishwas bhi khota ja raha hai kripya koi safal upchar
bataye and i have 7-8 nightfall in a
month . Please suggest me some yoga and remedies.
thank you.
yuvraj taori  - not getting beard |2012-01-20
namaskar babaji
i am yuvraj my age is 20 plus sir i am not getting beard sir what we should do for that
one sir please
tell me sir
Ayush Srivastava  - Premature ejaculation |2012-01-14
Pranam Babajee
Meri umra 22 saal hai karib 2-3 saal se premature ejaculation ki samasya se
pareshan hoon jisse ki mujhe badi sarmindagi hoti aur mera vishwas bhi khota ja raha hai kripya koi safal upchar
saraswathi  - nose polyps & spine problem |2012-01-13

I have nose polyps problems & spine problems(right) recently started, but my ent doctor says to get operated
for polyps, but i am not preferring at all. I want to heal with ur medicnes where do i get get & how to use it
Bipul  - Sexual problem |2012-01-12
Sir , i am 20 year old and i have 7-8 nightfall in a month . Please suggest me medicines.
vivek  - about beard and moustache |2012-01-08
namaskar babaji
i am vivek my age is 20 plus sir i am not getting beard and moustache sir what we should do for that
one sir please tell me sir
Amit kumar mishra  - Health advice |2012-01-06
Baba ji pranaam, meri umra 31 years hai . Mai 8-9 saal se hydroceal se pareshaan hoon. Mere dono andkosho me kafi
swelling hai jiske karn mujhe kaafi sarmindagi hoti hai . Kripya koi aurvedik upay bataye plz.
Doorga Doongur |2012-01-06
namaste baba ji, am suffering from psoriasis on the head since 3 years please suggest me some home made treatment thank
bhai  - masturbationbad |2012-01-05
namaskar baba
baba mere samne samasya ye hai ki maine karib dhai saal se hasth maithun kiya hai or uska dush prabhav
hai ki mere ling ka akar nhi bad paa rha hai kripa kar upay bataye jisse mere ling ka akar bad jai or hasthmaithun se
sambandhit sabhi vyadhiya mit jaye
suresh  - severe allergic rhinities,abpa lung disease |2011-12-23
namaskar guruji,i am 30yrs old male,suffering allergic rhinities 10yrs and allergic branco pulmonary aspirgilosis lungs
disease one year(steriod medicine taken) but not cured compltelty. sugest me yoga or medicine.dhanyavadh for waiting
rupa  - weight loss problem |2011-12-12
guruji namaskar,

i am 26 year old female my weight is about 100 i want to reduce my weight how it is possible for me
to reduce weight abt 25 please guruji give me some idea or some medicine
Ashok Mishra  - psorosis treatment |2011-11-28
Kindly give me name of medicine of psoriasis and yoga. My mother is suffering form psoriasis.
I will be thankful to
I am a 60 years old male experiencing hoarseness in my voice and sore throat for the last six months. I took medicines
homeo also and did hot water gargling but it didn't help. An ENT specialist who did endoscopy said that I have a Vocal
Chord Polyp and the only way to remove it is by surgery. Can no medicine cure my problem? Even if I go for surgery, what
are the chances that the problem would recur? Is the surgery risky?
Abhisek Ramprosand  - How to increase my memory? |2011-11-15
Namaste Baba,
i am a student and i am not able to concentrate well in my studies. Whenever a start to revise my mind
is not in the studies but it is somewhere else.
So, baba give me a remedy for my situation and advise me what to do and
what medecines should i use.
Sagar  - Dear sir/madam |2011-11-15
My scrotum length are not equal.and light pain on one side also please help me
ratna kumar  - Reg.Hernia & Hydrocele |2011-11-14
Sir,i have been suffering from inguinal hernia for 15 yrs, but recently, for 2 yrs my scrotum is enlarged, my right side
testecle is enlarged, the swelling is increased day by day, but pain less
just inconvience for sitting. Pls advice me
any ayurvedic medicine in this regard.
Thanking u sir
SAtyajit Paul  - suffering from GAS PNCREATISIS disease |2011-11-07
HEllo sir,

For the last 2 years , I have been suffering from GAS PANCREATISIS disease.i undergone ENDOSCOPY test and i
have been diagonised with gas pancreatisis disease. Allopathy doctors pescribed me some medicines and i was ok during
that time. But as soon as i left takin medicines, the problem again started.Also I am a bit weak and so i want to gai
some energy as well. So please advise me some Ayurvedic medicices.

Plese let me know the location of Ayurvedic medical
haal in Gurgaon/Delhi.

Waitng eagerly for your reply.
n k  - bleeding gum |2011-11-05
I am 25/male/unmarried, weighting 51kg.
i have a gum bleeding problem as i shown to doctor they just
remove scaling from
the teeth,which it stops bleeding temporary. again the bleeding starts after a week.As i wake up
morning i get bleeding please give me some medicines.And i become very thin as if i look like a school
boy.Please help to cure this and
also give me tonic to gain fattness.
mahesh  - delayed puberty |2011-11-04
namaskar guruji,
please help me out im 20 years boy and im suffering from delayed puberty so tell me some treatment on
that im very tentioned
Roshan kumar mishra  - ankylosing spondylitis |2011-10-25
pranam swamiji,
Meri age 25 saal hai, mere dono hip joint replacement ho chuke hai . Mera hip pain toh theek hai par
lower back pain abhi bhi hai. Mai last 4 days se aloe vera juice le raha hoo. krupa kar ke bataye aur bhi koi medecine
ho toh. Aloe vera juice ankylosing spondylitis ke patient ke liye theek hai ki nahi.
Your's faithfully
Sonu Das  - Jankari |2011-10-22
Guruji Pranam !

Mujhe aaj pata chala ki mere ek aando ka nash mota ho gaya hai.. Dard nahi hota hai but jab bhi main
use chhuta hun to mujhe lagta hai ki ek side ka mota ho gaya uski nase moti lagti hai .. ! Pls help kya ye hydrocele hai
?? agar haan to isko thik karne ka koi upay bataiye pls jaldi.. Mujhe operation nahi karna hai.. mujhe bahut dar lag
raha hai.
srinivas  - hydrocele treatment |2011-10-14
respected sir,

i am suffering from HYDROCEAL from three years i want treatment in Ayurveda
treatment so please advise

Anonymous  - erection of penic |2011-09-22
sir ,
I am 27 year old and i am suffering from my banana shape penic .please tell me the about treatment
bipin kumar  - low count of sperm |2011-09-15
my age is 28 yrs,i am married on 19may 2005.i have not sperm count is 18 million per ml on 15 dec 10. i am
tacking Speaman tab.
Please gve me correct advice or medicine.
Prapanna Mahanta  - Vericose vain |2011-09-14
Guruji pranam,
i have been suffering from varicose vain problem in my left calf for almost 5 years. kindly suggest me

Prapanna Mahanta(Age-36)
v  - kumar |2011-09-10
guru ji pranam,
mere right pair ki taang me joint ki jagah nase (vein ) 5 years se nikli hai. aur halka dard bhi rahta
hai. pahle 3 month hoemeopathic dava liya tha to aur jayda nase nikal ayiee thi.
guru ji salah de ham kya kare.
Vijay Sundaram  - Low Platelet count. |2011-09-07
Swamiji Pranam,

Do patanjali pharmacy have any medicine to improve blood platelet count, kindly inform.

Ananya Mhatre  - Nasal Polyps |2011-08-30
Namaste Guruji,

I'm suffering from the problem of nasal polyps from last 7 years. i had surgery last year but its not
of use. Now again it has grown. Please suggest may the medicine.
Sanjay |2011-08-07

I am a 39 yrs old man suffering from back pain for last 5 years, by profession I am a teacher and I have
found that my sperms passes along with at the time of urination. Please help me I feel weakness now a days which causes
a lot of laziness nd slowness.
Anirudh  - sexual problem |2011-07-15
Pranam guruji,
When i saw porn movies my semens came out
and i watch sexy or nude picture some water like substance
came out without erection please help i am so affraid.
shubham  - Baba ji |2011-07-10
I want to increase my height upto 6'1as i m only 5'5please give me the solution i m depressed due to this only in my
life and the medicine also...
a.ganesh kumar  - i m suffering from gastric. need address in chenna |2011-06-01
i m Ganesh in chennai
riku singh  - i have sexual weakness and premature ejaculation a |2011-05-12
dear swami ji sadar pranam
meri age 27 saal hey .mery body bahut weak hey mera penis bhi
bahut small loose and onsided turned aksar . mene child hood me masturbation kiya tha ab muje 6 or 7 saal ho gaye hey
muje dil me achanak kaap jata hu aur ghabrahat mehsus hoti hey aur shaadi se bahut darta hu .mere gaal aur kanpati ander
jaise chipak si gayi hey aur body me jhukao sa bana rehta hey .me theek se kahi sitting position me uncomfirtable feel
karta hu mera face dull lagta
jeet  - mushtache beard increasing |2011-05-10
namaste sir, i m 26 year old,i m suffring form these diseases mushtache or beard not grow. plz give me any type of

thank full to you.
NYONKER TEJU  - herpes simplex virus-2 cure medicine |2011-04-20
I have been facing a progenitadus diease via Sexual contact. after taking blood examination I have found herpes simplex
virus-2 and taking voltavol 50 gm. medicine. so, please suggest me your ayurvedic medicine ya any yoga exerice to cure
this problem.And I has taking treatment from Dr. R.P. Soni MMBS MD FRSH (London) Skin Surgery & cosmetology (Nanwati
Hospital, Mumbai) Consultatn Dermatologist, Venereologist, Leprologist, Leprologist & Cosmetic Suergeon (Reg. No.12065
(AMC) on 19/07/2010 but my problems has been not cure till today. In this regard, I send this e-mail to your product
enquriy if there is any medicine or process to treatment to cure this problems. So please please suggest and recommend
me to avoid the problems. I shal be ever grateful to you. I expect to get your reply.
ajay  - penis enlargement |2011-04-05
guru ji my penis is 4inch long.but i want to enlarge it . please suggest me medicine and yoga.
Maneesh Kumar  - Ocular Myasthinia |2011-03-27
Guruji Pranam,

I am suffering from Ocular Myasthinia. For that am taking Steroids 60 mg per day from 3 months and i
am Ok but i am little woried about the side effects of steroids. Do you have and medicine in Aurveda which will cure my
Myasthina and is there any thing which can be practice to reduce the side effects and toxins of Steroids from the body.
akbar abdulbhai samnani  - treatmeant for hemopilia dieases |2011-03-02
my son is 1 and half year he is suffering from hemophilia dieases there is any treatment in patanjali yog peeth for
hemophilia so please inform me so my son can get treatment i
Mrs Chitra mann  - Lost sensetions from both legs,canot walk |2011-02-23
I'm 34 years old female. In dec09 i got fever and hospitalised. Dr removed flued from the spine and said it is
menengities tuberculosis and started treating me. Since the day of hospitalistion(dec 09) till now(22 feb11) i'm bed
ridden. Pls u r my last hope! I want to walk again . Pls help.
D B Saxena  - Advocate |2011-02-11
My wifeis diabetic and under insulin What medicine you suggest and where I can get in Chennai
Ravi  - Penis Enlargement |2011-01-23

i am 28 year old male. i have samll penis. when it errected it is around 5". i would like to
increase its size. i would be grateful, if you can prescribe some mediciines that are availble in patanjali yoga

thanking you,

sridevi |2011-01-21
swamee i have 3 years son and we are planning to have another child but i am not .monthly period is regular so please
suggest medicine

thanking you
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afm is a fitness center
i am ayurveda
i m forwhome waiting everyone
I love all aspects of yoga. i would love to visit your ashram. I was in India 30 years ago. I have 2 children. I am happily married. I taught yoga in a public school for 30 years.
i want to join your ashram. because i have exprience 15 years ago. so can you join with me.
i am pawan yadav i a member of gurgoan bharat sabhiman team
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